Written by: Joseph Santiago

shutdown wallThe owners of a New York Comedy Club is providing a free year of responses to federal employees influenced by the partial government shutdown.

Stand Up New York is offering a free year of membership to LaughPass for national workers furloughed or working without pay, that the New York Post reported Wednesday.

The pass, that lets holders unlimited comedy shows and other perks in greater than two dozen places nationally, is generally priced at $159.

“We are not solving world peace, but when we could put in a little joy to people’s lives by providing them access to some free and enjoyable comedy encounter,” Stand Up New York co-owner Dani Zoldan stated in an announcement. “I am thrilled and thankful that I am able to accomplish this.”

The comedy club one of the dozens of companies, firms, and stars working to help the projected 800,000 federal employees who are furloughed or working without pay during the shutdown, which is currently partway during its fourth week.

Co-owner James Altucher stated in the announcement. “But we will keep you laughing at the meantime.”

The financing lapse was triggered by President Trump’s requirements for about $ 5 billion in financing for a boundary wall with Mexico. Democrats are standing with their vow to not supply that many funds, though have provided to include formerly agreed-upon quantities for border safety.