OutCasts Comedy Show – Comedy Tickets – Union Hall – Brooklyn

OutCastsFareeha Khan, Hari Kondabolu, Guy Montgomery, Rachel Kaly, Francesca D'uva, Eva Victor, Jessy Morner-Ritt, Eric Rahill, Vihaan Samat

OutCasts Comedy Show in Brooklyn NY at Union Hall

Photo of the host, Fareeha, by Bridget Badore

Photo: Bridget Badore @bridgetbadore www.bridgetbadore.com

=&0=& =&1=& =&2=& Link =&3=& =&4=& (Netflix, Conan, The Problem with Apu) =&5=& (Comedy Central Corporate Retreat) =&6=& (Clickhole) =&7=& (I love you forever) =&8=&(Reductress) =&9=&(Funny or Die) =&10=&(The Annoyance, Second City) =&11=&(ABC) =&12=& Fareeha Khan is a comedian based in Brooklyn, NY. She has written for MTV Decoded and Reductress, and she was part of the Riot x TBS Comedy Writers Lab last year. She has appeared in comedy shorts for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, and Funny or Die. She performs regularly around the city and is honestly a pretty cool guy.

A Comedy Show For The Freaks OUTCAST: Hosted By Fareeha Khan

outcast comedy show nyc
A Comedy Show For The Freaks OUTCAST : Hosted By Fareeha Khan

A Comedy Show For The Freaks OUTCAST: Hosted By Fareeha Khan


Editors Choice – This is an experimental comedy show that will feature some of NYC’s best comedians. The show is basically a place for various weirdos to come together and do some weird stuff on stage. It’ll be fun and diverse and we’ll all unite in a love of the weird and feel good about representation on stage. 🙂 Check out full details below. I hope to see you there!

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