If at First You Don’t Succeed, Be Like Emma Willmann


Emma Willmann can thank divorce for introducing her to comedy.

Kind of.

“My parents got divorced and I would watch TV at my dad’s place because he was the cool parent that had cable. I’d watch some comedy. I loved Bruce Bruce.”

The cable company, bringing comedians close to family.

EMMA WILLMANN - PhotoEmma has a wide variety of comics she now loves to watch perform.

“I Love Brian Regan,, Cedric the Entertainer, Katt Williams, Wanda Sykes, Jerry Seinfeld, I love Seinfeld and I love urban comedy.” read more

Esther Ku Interview

Esther Ku

Esther Ku

Interview with Esther Ku for BestComedyTickets.com By : Kevin McCarthy

KM: Thanks for talking with us. To start off could you tell us a little about what drove you to be a comedian and how you got your start doing stand-up?

EK: Sure. Well I was always a writer in my high school and I wrote for the school paper and all these kids at school would always come up to me like “I read your articles first cause they’re funny!” So when you’re a kid and somebody tells you you’re funny, you’re like “Oh, I’m gonna be a comedian.” You don’t ever think of the practicality of “Well, I’m gonna be broke for ten years.” And once you hear like, people coming up to you telling you your funny a few times, you’re like “okay, yeah, maybe I can do this.” So, when I graduated college, which I should’ve never gone to college, I think that was a mistake, but I was trying to lose my virginity and I didn’t know any other legitimate way to go about doing that. So after I graduated from college, I moved to Boston and I started with the open mic scene over there. So that’s how I got my start really. read more