Good Heroin, Women, and Dave Ross

We, the website known as BestComedyTickets, we highly endorse anyone sitting down at a computer and finding time to enjoy well produced comedy. We love comedy. We’re a comedy website. We love laughter. We love when people get out of the house and see a show, but if you feel like letting your browser guide you to some form of gut busting form of funny. We have you covered for this week.  We’ll start by telling you that you should take the time to watch all of Women’s sketches, if you feel the need to come back to this article afterwards do so. We won’t be mad at you, Mr. or Ms. Reader wandering off into the WWW. That’s the wilderness of the wild web of the world. We’ll be right here waiting. When you come back you can get to know one of the members of Women, a fantastic comedian by the name of Dave Ross. read more