Jay Leno Says Jimmy Kimmel is Mean

Jay Leno garage

Written by Joseph Santiago

Jay Leno garage

The former Tonight Show host Jay Leno was recently interviewed with the New York Daily News and went on the record to announce that Jimmy Kimmel ratings are lower because he’s mean.

“I think he’s talented, I think he’s funny, but he’s got a mean streak and I think that’s the reason he’s in third place and I think that people sense that,” Leno told the Daily News. “I’ve never said anything nasty about Jimmy Kimmel — but he’s got a mean streak, he always takes things one step too far,” Leno said. “He comes from that radio vibe and it’s a typical radio versus standup comic situation.” Leno added, “When you have to look an audience in the eye, you’re not quite as brave as when you’re just talking into a microphone,” Leno added. “When an audience can react to what you’re saying and you see them doing that, it’s a little different.” read more

Jay Leno Reportedly New CNBC Show About Cars


Jay Leno is coating up his first TV facilitating gig since leaving The Tonight Show in February, and he’s staying in the NBC Universal crew.

Leno is near an arrangement to have another show for CNBC.. The show will concentrate on Leno’s long-lasting adoration for autos and will air during primetime.

Arriving Leno is an overthrow for CNBC. The system, known for monetary news, has experienced low appraisals amid its conventional daytime programming however has had achievement widening its viewership via airing reality shows like The Profit and Restaurant Startup in primetime. Its greatest draw is reruns of budgetary amusement show Shark Tank, which have performed extremely well for the system. read more