A Spotlight on Comedian Kevin Bartini

Written by Gary Miller

A warm audience is an important aspect of any comedy show. Having an opener for any type of performance is commonplace and encourages the audience to participate and build up energy. In comedy, a a warm audience means a crowd that is ready to laugh, they are open, and in a club setting more often than not a little bit drunk. When a televised show is filmed before a live audience a warm up comic is generally used to facilitate the necessity for a warm crowd. The warm up comic is the unsung hero of a great audience ready for a TV taping. The comic is usually not noticed by a larger audience, but appreciated in the entertainment industry greatly. Their job is to make the crowd feel like an integral part of the show, usually working alone and at times explaining parts of the show. read more

New York Comedy Festival Adds Comedy Show In Brooklyn


Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets


New York Comedy Festival has disclosed a many new additions to its 2015 comedy schedule, along with its first Brooklyn comedy show as well as panel talks with the comedy writers from “The Tonight Show” and “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.”

The new addition will be taking place at Brooklyn’s Kings Theater, “Comedy Central Live” will include stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress and feature performer Nick Kroll, Natasha Leggero, John Mulaney and Jeff Ross, with more unannounced talent coming. The New York Comedy Festival show is scheduled for Nov. 13. read more



In his most recent unique, comedian Lewis Black took a solicitation to say something positive in regards to teachers, who have gone under a considerable measure of baseless investigation by legislators of late.

In his short rage about the calling, he demonstrates an understanding of what teachers experience that individuals who have never taught regularly need.

“Individuals simply don’t fucking get it, particularly these days … It’s not an eight-hour employment; its not a six-hour work,” said Black. “Any decent teachers is in there 10, 12, 14 hours a day. They’re reviewing papers that the vast majority of you who fucking bitch about educating couldn’t take a seat and get past three of them.” read more