Bridget Everett Blows Away Joe’s Pub in NYC

Bridget Everett Joe's Pub

Bridget Everett Joe's Pub

If there’s one comedian who is taking the world by storm now, that  would be none other than Bridget Everett herself. With her special  feature in the Vogue Magazine, festival crowds all over the country  that clamors for her presence, an appearance in the forthcoming  film Trainwreck and Amy Schumer declaring at the end of her best  and biggest season of Inside Amy Schumer that Everett is her  favorite performer, this comedy superstar is bound to see the best  of the best of her career yet. read more

Video: Cops Heckle Comedian While Interrupting His Set To Make Arrest


One of the strangest heckling moments since John Lennon got shot out from a “Smothers Brothers” show happened on Saturday night at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City, where a gathering of NYPD officers walked into make a capture amid an comedian set—then pestered him when he split shrewd about the interruption. It’s difficult to make out the cops in the feature, yet you can obviously hear one of them advise entertainer Adam Newman to “quiets the f*ck down.” Nice blaze. read more

George Carlin to be honored by Colin Quinn


This last summer, about three years after comedian entertainer Kevin Bartini propelled a loaded filled battle to rename a New York City road after the late George Carlin, the city gathering passed a bill to do simply that. Chairman Bill de Blasio marked the request that would permit the 400 block of West 121st Street  to be renamed “George Carlin Way.” On Oct. 22 at 1 pm at the corner of West 121st Street and Amsterdam Ave, family, companions and the parody group will meet up for a day-long festival. read more