Bill Cosby’s Allies Are Starting To Look Away

bill cosby

bill cosby

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations brought severe damages to his career even before the revelation of The Associated Press that back in 2005, the star has admitted under oath that he obtained quaaludes to give to the young ladies whom he want to have sex with. However, things has changed and now, even those who have hung on are starting to look away.

Here’s a quick glimpse of those who stick with Cosby, and those who want to erase him for good:

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Hannibal Buress on Bill Cosby: “You’re a Rapist”


Hannibal Buress Called Bill Cosby a Rapist During a Stand-up Set

The previous evening at his late night show at the Trocadero, comic Hannibal Buress did an augmented bit about Philadelphia own local comedian Bill Cosby, calling him an attacker. Cosby has been blamed for tranquilizing and sexually ambushing different ladies, incorporating Barbara Bowman in Philadelphia magazine. He has not, nonetheless, ever been criminally accused of assault (the lawful meaning of which differs by jurisdiction).* The above recording begins around 15-20 seconds into it. read more