Rob Cantrell Interview

by Hannah Chusid

 Rob Cantrell Comedian

BCT:  So how are you doing?

RC:      I’m doing well.

BCT:  Fantastic, so you were on Last Comic Standing, right?

RC:      Correct.

BCT:  Could you tell us about your experience with that?

RC:      I was on the very first one, so it was kind of bizarre, nobody knew what it was, it kind of came out of nowhere.  I’d been doing comedy in San Fransisco for about three years and it was my first real break.  The audition was weird, we’d been told a little bit about it, didn’t really know much.  I walked in and I got past the first round in San Fransisco and they invited me to LA and I got picked out of that, and there were a lot more comics, then I went to Las Vegas.  That was the year they had us all living together in a mansion in Beverly Hills.  I’d just finished opening for Todd Barry at the Sacramento Punchline, I remember, and then all of a sudden a couple weeks later I’m on national television.  So I went from zero to 2000 really fast. read more