Interview Comedian Lawrence DeLoach at The Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Lawrence DeLoach

We met up with the hilarious stand-up Comedian Lawrence DeLoach at his one of his show at Greenwich Village Comedy Club to talk to him about his stand up comedy and here is what he had to say.

1. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy?

I worked for a cable company as a bill collector and that was the worst job ever.

2. How did you know you wanted to be a comedian?

I saw Lewis Black live and that made me want to try it out. I also made a joke to my friends about battle rappers that I saw Kevin Hart do on his 1st hour special and that made me realize that if this amazing comic and I had similar thoughts… I should become a comedian. read more

Record-breaker Aaron Berg Most Comedy Sets in One Night

aaron berg Erin Glass

Written By Cate Misczuk

aaron berg

Photo taken by David Genik

New York Comedian Aaron Berg performed 25 sets on September 12 — two more than his goal, and nearly twice the amount of the previous record. Back in 2003 Steve Byrne set the record at 13, as famously portrayed in the film 13 or Bust. Now Berg is set to release his own documentary on his voyage to the record book, all while paying homage to the New York City comedy scene.

The stunt took 11 hours — and involved Berg shuffling between clubs, navigating traffic to make it there on time, and oh ya — he was being followed by a documentary crew of more than a dozen. And did we mention he wasn’t working with material? Yep, Berg didn’t repeat a single joke the entire night — and successfully warmed up crowds from a handful, to over a hundred in less than 10 minute sets. read more