Doug Stanhope Shares His Top 10 Comedians

doug standhope

Written by Joseph Santiago

doug standhope

The Magazine Time Out London recently added Doug Standhope top 10 favorite stand up comedians. Doug Standhope would definitely make a lot of comics top ten list. He’s considered to be the very best stand up comic performing today.

He is unapologetic, abrasive, politically polarizing and highly opinionated. His twitter profile says ‘Drunk, comedian, obsolete” and at any given time, at least one of those is wrong.

Doug Standhope top ten comedians include some heavy hitters Dave Attell, Neil Hamburger, Junior Stopka, and Sean Rouse. Stanhope calls Rouse a “master craftsman” and “madly original.” Attell comes in at number 7, but that doesn’t stop Stanhope from calling him the “greatest comedian ever.” Coming in at number 2 on the list, Doug praises Steve Rannazzisi, calling him a heroic survivor of 9/11. Maybe the news hasn’t reached London yet but someone might want to go back and get a new quote on that one. Although Stanhope’s list focuses mostly on comedians performing today, his number 1 is comedy legend Mitch Hedberg. read more