Rest in Peace WILLIAM STEPHENSON Stand UP Comedian (1957-2019)



Stand UP Comedian William Stephenson he has passed away.

He was only 62 years ago.

With sadness in our hearts, and shocking news is true: I was hanging out with him last month at the Comedy Cellar. He always had a big smile and always greeted me with warmness.

I  found out the details of his death from one of our former writers Bryan Murray on his Facebook profile. He wrote this.

“Just over three years ago I wrote a hand full of articles for Joseph Santiago. I was given the opportunity to interview comedians as a comedy fan. Will was there for the first time Jessica and I ever saw the live comedy in New York at the Comedy Cellar. read more

Interview with William Stephenson

william stephenson

Interview with William Stephenson

william stephensonAs a first time writer for this website, I found it appropriate and best way to kick off my inaugural post was with one of the people I’ve come to realize was there for one of my wife’s and I’s first experience at live comedy in New York City. It really is one of those moments that stick, that giddy and excited feeling someone gets as a child opening a present. That was my experience tugging on my wife’s jacket upstairs of the Comedy Cellar before their late show on a week night. Looking behind me at all the comedians that I recognized at “The Table” and looking up at the closed circuit television to see Chris Rock finishing up a set. I don’t remember every performer that night, but the MC for the evening definitely stuck. It was someone with this truly amazing energy, that of a ball busting family member. Taking shots at the audience while still remaining relatable. That was William Stephenson. It was really an honor to get to chat with him for a while, a true veteran in the New York City stand up community while remaining truly humble and doing it truly for the love of stand up and performing

My wife and I got to check out the show Saturday January 9th at Broadway Comedy Club where he closed out a great show with Chris Murphy as the MC, Russ Menev, Wali Collins, Tommy Gooch, Jerry Shack, and finally Will. Afterwards, we got a chance to step outside and have a conversation with Will where we found out this was only his second time performing at this club and has been a while performing outside of hosting.

We’ve seen you multiple times hosting in the city, where did you start and was it hosting? read more

Big Jay Oakerson Reveals That Club Owner Tries to Ban Him from All NYC Comedy Clubs

big jay oakerson fight

Big Jay Oakerson Reveals That Club Owner Tries to Ban Him from All NYC Comedy Clubs in New York After Confrontation with Unruly Customers

big jay fight

Big Jay Oakerson recently he  stated in his social media that  a confrontation took place at  The Comic Strip Live comedy  club located on the Upper  East Side. He said that  William Stephenson, another  stand up comedian, was the  host and a couple in the  audience was heckling Mr.  Stephenson and were being  some disorderly. After  Stephenson got fed up with  that couple, a verbal  fight took place. Stephenson,  being older than the women boyfriend, almost came to blows. The security of the club did nothing and Oakerson decided to step in to stop a potential fight. The owner of the club freaked out on him, banning him not just from the club but also threatened to call other comedy club and convince them to do the same. read more