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American Born Desi Comics

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It all started in a Whole Foods at Columbus Circle where several Indian comics would come together for a writing session and ramen. After several of these sessions (and several bowls of ramen), comedians Akaash Singh, Tushar Singh, Alingon Mitra, and KC Arora decided it was time to do shows together. That was the creation of the American Born Desi Comics (ABDCs)

The ABDCs started with a weekday show at Caroline’s on Broadway. It sold out and that is when they decided they would do it again. After several packed out shows at Caroline’s on Broadway, the ABDCs decided it was time to take their talents on the road. After doing shows in the tri-state, they decided they would go somewhere they thought they would be well received, the deep South. read more

Interview with Linda Smith of Carolines School of Comedy

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By: Laura High @LauraHigh5

linda smith

Linda Smith is one of my favorite people in this industry. This is a very harsh, cut-throat business, but Linda is the only one who never has a bad word spoken about her. She has an incredible resumé and teaches stand up comedy. Linda’s credits include: HBO Women of the Night, Conan O’Brian on NBC, Comedy Central, VH1, Stand Up Spotlight, Good Morning America, Today Show, and The Rosie O’Donnell Show.

To sign up for a class with Linda Smith, click here: read more