How artists succeed through adversity, with Nick Whitmer



    BY: MIKE SHVENDERMAN                                                                                                              

Note From Me:

Another day of self-doubt and discontent. Another day of societal chaos. Another day of propaganda. Another day of world-wide-violence. Well, just another fucking Saturday. I’m sitting here in a touristy coffee shop, on the corner of MacDougal and Bleecker Street, with my good friend Nick Whitmer to discuss his life in the world of Standup Comedy. To set the mood for you: it’s freezing cold outside, the streets are cluster-fucked with obnoxious drunks and the barista is a fucking asshole. Ergo, this leaves a lot of room for optimism in this interview. Self-awareness is a bright disease and Nick has it. I’m excited to hear some genuine thoughts and opinions. Let us begin. read more

Rob Cantrell’s Coffee and Weed Go-Go Remix

rob cantrell coffee and weed


The timing for this music video is great. Washington DC, the city where stand up comedian Rob Cantrell was born and raised has recently Legalized Marijuana. “Amazing, It appears odd saying it. It is a bit dubious in light of the fact that the DC leader and a few congresspersons are debating the lawful consequences of full on legitimization of Marijuana in the city.” says Cantrell. “It is a ‘Hot Button’ theme at this time and this feature was super amusing to shoot in the place where I grew up given everything that is occurring at this moment.” The tune is re-blended with new verses and masterminded in a neighborhood Go-Go musical structure with the assistance of DC zone band LIONIZE. The DC Go-Go sound was conceived in the District and is an astounding unique musical sort that is an off shoot of Funk, with numerous likenesses to Hip-Hop. read more