An Interview with Comedian Sean White

Written by Gary Miller

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.”-Erma Bombeck


Chicago comedian Sean White has walked the line night in and night out, the erudite comedian has found ways to make audiences across the country laugh doing so, highly touted in the city of Chicago by other comedians and the press, he was voted as one of 16 comics to check out by Chicago Magazine. A skilled comedian with a unique voice, Sean had been doing comedy for five years when his sister died. Then a few months later, his mom died, and then a few months later, his brother died. Then a few months later, his other sister died. In the middle of that was when he got divorced. read more

Ralphie May Filing For Divorce

Ralphie May divorce

Ralphie May 10-Year Marriage Ends … Lahna Turner Files For Divorce

Written By Gary Miller

Ralphie May, the Last Comic Standing Runner-up from the landmark first season, has filed for divorce with wife and fellow comedian Lahna Turner, known for The Perfect 10 podcast she will continue The couple has been married for ten years and share two children. Lahna Turner has filed for sole custody and is asking for spousal support.

According to Lahna Turner’s official twitter (@LahnaTurner) TMZ misreported and she filed on 10/8/15 in California and Ralphie filed on 9/25/15 in Tennessee. read more