A Spotlight on Comedian Kevin Bartini

Written by Gary Miller

A warm audience is an important aspect of any comedy show. Having an opener for any type of performance is commonplace and encourages the audience to participate and build up energy. In comedy, a a warm audience means a crowd that is ready to laugh, they are open, and in a club setting more often than not a little bit drunk. When a televised show is filmed before a live audience a warm up comic is generally used to facilitate the necessity for a warm crowd. The warm up comic is the unsung hero of a great audience ready for a TV taping. The comic is usually not noticed by a larger audience, but appreciated in the entertainment industry greatly. Their job is to make the crowd feel like an integral part of the show, usually working alone and at times explaining parts of the show. read more

T.J. Miller In Smirnoff Advertising Campaign

Written by Gary Miller

“If you’re going to have to absorb this ad content anyway, then I hope it’s at least really funny.”-T.J. Miller

Comedians T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch star in a new campaign for Smirnoff. The advertisements starring the Silicon Valley and Search Party stars are the second reiteration of their “Exclusively for Everybody” Campaign. The pair find themselves on a road trip to the New York Comic Con to pitch a movie about super hero alter egos starring themselves. The comedians play themselves and take the opportunity to have a blast along the way. The pair learn a lot about themselves on the harrowing 3,098 mile journey across the country. read more

Watch John Oliver Proves Daylight Saving Time; reminds us that cows are “idiots”

John Oliver Stupid Cows

Why Do We Still Have Daylight Savings? John Oliver Has No Idea !

Are you feeling a little groggy this morning ? Well you’re not the only one — people from around the world are Coping to pick themselves out of their bed thanks to daylight saving time, that happened to push back the clock 1 hour forward on Sunday night.

Comedian John Oliver talked on the issue on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” last weekend. and if you agree that daylight saving time helps the farmers, your not alone. But you’re also wrong.

Allegedly, it was popularized as a fuel saving measure in Germany at the time of World War I. and admitting it may have worked for Kaiser Wilhelm, It isn’t actually very effective in contemporary world and sparks and increase automobile accidents and other job related injuries. read more