“Selective Sympathy”

By: Chris Hamilton


If you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, you probably missed the beginning of World War III or something close to it. On November 14th everything erupted in America, from a simple Facebook filter, where once again America was divided on how we should feel about ISIS’ attack on Paris. You were either a French Flag filterer or an Anti-French Flag filterer: which is completely different than being against France itself.

I’m tired of the slacktivism culture that Americans have adopted lately. This goes as far back as the ‘Wet Bucket Challenge’ where you were challenged to either donate to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, or if you didn’t donate money you would have to dump a bucket of ice water over your head. I’m pretty sure the ALS challenge is the main reason California is in a drought but I digress. Lately Americans have adopted a lot of slacktivist activities where they won’t attempt to contribute towards solving the issue but instead show their ‘support’ by either; putting a filter on their Facebook default or by posting a picture of themselves on Twitter or Instagram “outraged.” All these acts seem to indulge in you feeding your ego and making yourself feel as if you did something right without any actual solution to the serious situation. read more

Youtube Superstars: Gangnam Style, ISIS, Funny Turkish Cats, Article #2

Written by: Mike Shvenderman


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All ye Kings and Queens, Knights and Nobles! Thou have been summoned to join in the festivities! Held in the court of Virtual Reality!

First, let me start this article with an apology: I’m sorry for the excessive and obnoxious amount of exclamation marks in my opening two lines.

Moving on, in this article I am going to evaluate the success of the following three Youtube Sensations: Gangnam Style, ISIS and Funny Turkish Cats. Please understand that you made all three of those channels famous. You. YOU. You, the people, got Gangnam Style to be performed on Saturday Night Live. You, the people, proved to the world that Turkish Cats ARE in fact the funniest type of cat. And, you, the people, made ISIS. Your clicks, streams and countless minutes of awe proceeding a barbaric beheading DIRECTLY contributed to the fame and power which ISIS holds today. Odds are you did it by accident, through your primitive pastime consisting of a 4 hour virtual vacation on Youtube (which, I can relate to). I recently took a 4 hour virtual vacation myself visiting all sorts of cool places like: Alabama where I saw a guy in a camo hat shoot himself in the dick with a paintball gun; Antarctica where I got a 360 Degree HD view of the continent; and even a brothel in Thailand where I witnessed what may or may not have been a consensual gangbang (Asians have some outside-the-box fetishes and I don’t want to jump to conclusions). On a random side note; why is an ISIS beheading video have “An interview with a single, innocent Muslim mother,” under other videos you may like? Apples and Oranges, aye? Here’s my point; if you watch ISIS videos it’s hypocritical to then bash them through social media. You can cute-ify your profile picture with a flag but you can’t undo fame. read more

red WHITE blue Lives Matter

Written by: Chris Hamilton


Shout out to everyone who didn’t post “#AllCitiesMatter.” Congratulations for taking the high road! For the past few days social media has been going crazy with terrorist attacks overseas and police brutality in America, which both have yet to be resolved. Just in case you don’t know what happened in the past few days, ISIS attacked a few cities one of which was Paris. In response to ISIS’ attack in Paris, France sent out their French jets and bombed Syria, one of ISIS’ main headquarters. After hearing about the attack a number of proud Americans praised France for their actions all over social media but here’s the thing that I’m confused about, a lot of those people praising the French Jets for bombing ISIS are the exact same people who would say #AllLivesMatter. If you’re confused by the connection, I’ll try my best to explain. For some time now unarmed African Americans have been gunned down by police on and off camera which resulted in the black community creating the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter but, in a record time, another group of people created a hashtag to rebuke black lives matter. Some supporters of the police department or just anti-BlackLivesMatter introduced a new hashtag #AllLivesMatter. Now, what’s confusing is that those who use All Lives Matter in a response to say no life is more valuable than any other and have been telling the Black Lives Matter Community “All lives matter” and every life is precious, were the same people to quickly celebrate France’s attack on Syria. It’s as hypocritical as when republicans are pro-life but insist we go to war all the time. read more