Interview Stand Up Comedian Jeffrey Leach At The Comedy Cellar

Jeff Leach

We met up with stand up comedian Jeffrey Leach at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village right after his performance at a sold-out comedy show in NYC. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy? My parents instilled a work ethic in me from a young age and I’ve had a job to pay my way since I was 11 years old when I started a weekly paper route. Since then I’ve produced live shows, worked in commercial radio, been the booker of major music venues, DJ’d at major festivals and produced remixes for Island Records and Ministry of Sound, I was also a television presenter and actor prior to trying my hand at stand-up comedy 8 years ago. Now I pursue all things written, performative and creative.   How did you know you wanted to be a comedian? Using humor as a currency to curry favor with people around me was always a skill I possessed even from a young age. I knew that making people laugh earned their trust, gained respect, status and even led to affection from the opposite sex. However, the moment I knew I wanted to be a comic came after a string of successful tv shows in the UK… I felt so empty. It meant nothing and I was yearning for live performance more than the trappings of on-screen success. The first stand up set I did lasted 40 minutes and was mostly lunacy, but the feeling of bringing joy to so many people with my relentless stage presence and ridiculous life stories made me feel higher than any drug have ever taken me. That joy remains to this day.     Where are some of your favorite places to perform? The Comedy Cellar in NYC is my spiritual mecca and comedy home. They brought me to the US, they gave me my start in this country and I will forever be in debt to the owner Noam Dworman and booker Estee Adoram. Westside Comedy Theatre in Santa Monica in California is also of my favorite spots to do shows, it’s a great space for inventive and explorative comedy art. I also like to under-perform in the bedroom too.   Who are some of your favorite up-and-comers in the comedy world? Jessica Kirson is about to blow up. She’s had more screen time lately than ever before and she deserves it because she is a truly brilliant performer. I also love to watch Bryan Callen on stage live, infectious energy and stagecraft. Jenny Zigrino is also one to keep your eye on, she’s got some beautifully written lines, some amazing set pieces and she’s a kind soul to boot.    What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? I used to hike with Ru Paul and he once quoted his own song lyric “unless they are paying your bills, pay them, bitches, no mind” and he is so very right, I spent so many years worrying what people thought of me, who really had no influence of say in how my career would progress. The award-winning actor Laurence Fishburne is like a walking oracle of honesty and humility, he reminded me that you can choose your own path to success, not reliant on following ‘trends’ or ‘normal practices’ because people always remember the rule-breaking daredevils within an industry. My other talented actor buddies Michelle Gomez and Jack Davenport advised me to get sober, and I will always have infinite love in my heart for them helping to save my future by doing so.   

When did you feel like you were a professional comedian? read more

The Kabin Fever Comedy Show

nyc free comedy show

Kabin Fever: A Free Comedy Show in NYC

Kabin Bar and Lounge
92 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Adam Foster, Justin Watts, Ajai Raj

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM (EDT) New York, NY

The Kabin Fever Comedy Show is one of the hottest, freshest standup comedy shows that New York City has to offer. Every month, producers Adam Foster, Ajai Raj, and Justin Watts bring a mix of hilarious up-and-comers and proven heavy hitters to the intimate back room of Kabin Bar and Lounge in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. This burgeoning comedy venue offers the feel of a comedy club, but with dive bar drink prices. Best of all, the show is completely free of charge, despite showcasing comics who routinely perform at The Stand NYC, The Comedy Cellar, the Laughing Devil Comedy Club, and other established comedy venues. read more

Jessica Kirson Interview


By Nicky Sunshine

Jessica Kirson Comedian

I’ve known Jessica Kirson for  a number of years. I’ve taken her classes and workshops and I’ve always had tremendous respect for her talent and generosity. She is a multifaceted and energetic performer with fantastic “act outs”, voices, characters, and facial expressions.

NS: How long have you been doing stand up?

JK: I’m in my fifteenth year.

NS: How did you get interested in comedy?

JK:  My grandmother told me I should be a comedian. She said every time people were sitting around me they were laughing. I was always the class clown. I took a comedy class and fell in love with it and then I started doing open mics. I never thought I’d be performing for a living. I thought it would be more like a hobby. read more