Finest Standup Specials To Stream On Netflix

Dave Chappelle Netflix

Written by Joseph Santiago

Dave Chappelle Netflix

Netflix has really been doubling down on the content of All Kinds recently. From Cartoon to stand up, it seems like there is nothing Netflix is not inclined to throw money at. While all this new content serves its own purpose and keeps us tuned in, it can be tough to find exactly what you’re looking for. With that said, we have taken the time that the amass some of the greatest standup specials on Netflix, so you don’t need to spend another 4 decades looking for something to watch. Let us go ahead and dive into to find out what a few of the funniest comedians on Netflix need to offer you. read more


Written by Gary Miller

We previously showed you the teaser for the new Bill Burr comedy F is For Family.


The cast is lead by Burr, fresh off of selling out and killing in Madison Square Garden. Burr will provide the voice of Frank Murphy, the family’s patriarch. Burr is also producing the show alongside Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, and showrunner Michael Price. Michael Lagnese and Victoria Vaughn are co-executive producers.

Other cast members include Laura Dern,voicing Frank’s wife Sue. Justin Long voices the family’s oldest son, Kevin. read more

Trailer For Bill Burr Netflix Series Debuts

Written By Gary Miller

F is For Family

The holiday season is approaching like a well meaning, stalking butler in a cheaply made Santa outfit. With two outstretched hands and a gift tightly held in between two white gloves the butler brings you yuletide joy. Yuletide joy can mean whatever you want it to mean. For us, yuletide joy means Bill Burr.

Bill Burr is one of the most sought after stand ups performing today. He’s also known for his tremendously popular weekly podcast, “Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast“. Burr has a long list of credits to his name, he’s been in numerous television shows, movies, specials, and recordings. Bill Burr is everywhere and for good reason. read more

Netflix gets Wet and Hot for the Summer

Wet, Hot American Summer

Wet, Hot American Summer

To say that Netflix has had a meteoric rise in the entertainment space, especially among the streaming generation, would be a massive understatement. From its humble beginning as a paid, upscale YouTube, to the entertainment juggernaut; with its own in-house television series, movies and comedy specials, it represents one of the largest paid entertainment services.

The service is credited with inventing the idea of “binge watching” television series that previously required a weekly dedication of 30 minutes to an hour on the couch, absorbing an onslaught of commercials in between moments of entertainment. No commercials, better accessibility and customized recommendations give TV junkies an irresistible fix. read more

Netflix Orders Bill Burr Animated Comedy Series


Netflix has greenlighted Bill Burr’s Animated Comedy Series F Is For Family, a 6 episodes series focused around comedy of comedian Bill Burr, which will be voiced by Burr, Laura Dern and Justin Long. The period family comedy, which will make a big appearance in 2015, is delivered by Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Television and Gaumont International Television, the USA.-based generation arm of the French studio. This denote the first attack into movement for GIT, tapping the aptitude of Gaumont Animation in France, and GIT’s third arrangement on Netflix, joining dramatizations Hemlock Grove and the approaching Narcos. read more

Adam Sandler to star in 4 movies exclusively for Netflix


By Joseph Santiago

On Thursday, Netflix reported that four unique Adam Sandler films would be going to the Netflix streaming site.

It may appear as a peculiar arrangement for Netflix to assume, considering Sandler’s later movies including “That’s My Boy” and “Blended” have been discriminatingly panned.

Nonetheless, its likely one of the most brilliant moves Netflix has made to date.

Commentators aside, the greater part of Sandler’s motion pictures do to a great degree well in the film world, and in the event that they’re not hits locally, they perform well abroad. read more