A Complete Guide to Live Comedy In New York City This Week

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Comedy Listings

A Complete Guide to Live Comedy In New York City

Are you looking for shows of live comedy in New York City this week? New York City is the hub of the best comedians. There is no better city to have an enthralling experience of amazing live comedy performances than NYC. There are numerous comics that will leave their audience spellbound with their hilarious jokes and outstanding performances. With so many rising talents, finding the best is a difficult task. Although NYC is known for good comedy, there are many comedy shows that will put you off from seeing stand up comedy until the next lifetime. This is because nobody wants to see a low-grade show. read more

The Many Talents of Anthony Kapfer

by Ryan Matera

NYC Standup Comedian Anthony Kapfer is a musician, an animator, an editor, a writer, an actor, and an Alternative Comedy trailblazer. And his new special is just the beginning.



Kapfer was never known for taking projects lightly. When he says he’s spent his whole life in the City, it means he’s lived in every borough. When he says he released an animated standup comedy special, it means it was written, directed, animated, voiced and edited all by Kapfer himself. How does one man learn to master all of these arts while performing in multiple bands throughout his childhood? Essentially, by growing up before the iPhone was invented. read more