21 Top Stand-Up Performances of All Time

We talked about some of the best stand-up performances previously on Netflix. To try and create a comprehensive list of all the best stand-up performances would be virtually impossible, but we’ve never shied away from the impossible here at BCT. After all, we were the first website to bring NYC comedy fans an online marketplace for tickets.

For those of you that can’t attend a live stand-up routine at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club, or visit Rodney Dangerfield’s namesake in person, sometimes a DVD or stream will have to do in a pinch. So you’re in the mood for comedy right this second? Here’s a list of 21 stand-up favorites that are sure to delight funny bones of all shapes and sizes. read more

Sarah Silverman Apologizes to Al Martin

Sarah Silverman

By: James Lang

Sarah Silverman

Have you been able to keep up with the drama storm kicked up over Sarah Silverman’s video claiming she was the victim of the economic gender gap when she performed at Al Martin’s comedy club in New York City back in 2000? Well, it turns out that Sarah Silverman was wrong and dragged Al Martin through the mud unintentionally over an issue that both Sarah and Al agree on!

To give credit where credit is due, Sarah gets major props for admitting she was wrong and that her complaint against Al has nothing to do with the gender gap in America. Her apology, in her own words, is below: read more

Sarah Silverman vs. Al Martin: The Gender Gap

Sarah Silverman vs Al Martin

Sarah Silverman vs Al Martin

A major issue in the United States has been the statistical gap in pay between men and women for the same work. A recent study showed women in full-time positions were paid 78 cents on the dollar when compared to men working the same job. Has this trend made its way onto the stage at the venerable New York Comedy Club?

Sarah Silverman checked her witty, satirical attitude at the door and brought her grievances to Levo League’s YouTube channel. Levo League is an online community of professional women who offer guidance and support to other women looking to move their career forward. With “fighting the gender pay gap” as one of their focal points, it’s not surprising that they would look for a compelling, headline grabbing celebrity story to draw attention to the issue. read more