Stand Up Comedian Kevin Barnett Passed Away at only 32

Kevin Barnett Comedian

Written by Joseph Santiago

Kevin Barnett ComedianKevin Barnett, the NYC stand up comedian has passed away. We just saw an announcement on The Stand NYC Instagram profile page. Among the other comedians was Yannis Pappas who shared a tweet sending his condolences to his friend and fellow comedian. He wrote “RIP another comedian who was a great dude. Seriously a great dude. @Fatboybarnett rest easy Kevin.” Other comics such as Chelsea Peretti took to her twitter account and wrote “ I am so sad”

Now there is no known cause of death made to the general public. read more

Interview with Stand Up Comedian Ibrahim Khalif West Side Comedy Club

Ibrahim Khalif
Ibrahim Khalif

We met up with upcoming comedian Ibrahim Khalif at the new Upper West Side Comedy Club right after his show.

1. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy? 

Great question!
I had a tough job working as a Black Man and Muslim in post 9/11 America.
I had two jobs.
Very arduous journey.
The Pay was lousy.
Long hours with very little upward mobility.
I should be collecting Social Security ya know?
You think I have grounds for a claim?

2. How did you know you wanted to be a comedian? 

I didn’t. It was always said to me, “you should be a comedian” when I was younger, but I held the art form in such high regard I never thought I could do it. My sister told me my sense of humor was different and I should go on stage. I went on stage when I was 11 and got a standing ovation but never got on stage again until after my mother passed away. I was using comedy as a coping mechanism and found it cathartic. read more

Comedian Adam Bloom talks life, comedy at The Comedy Store in Central London

adam bloom comedian

adam bloom comedian

We Sat down with Adam Bloom at The Comedy Store in Central London about other side jobs, some of his favorite comedy clubs in London, advice for younger comedians and much more.

1. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy?
I was a cocktail bartender, that’s all I really did before being a comedian. I loved it.
It was actually similar to being onstage, especially when the bar was busy. I’ve
always been an extrovert, so any large group of people was an audience to me,
especially a classroom or school bus. If a teacher gave me a detention for messing
about, I’d see it as an encore. read more

Interview with Stand Up Comedian Brian Scott McFadden

Brian Scott McFadden

Written by Laura High

I was very excited to interview Brian Scott McFadden. I saw Brian perform stand up when I was eighteen at Comic Strip Live. He was absolutely hilarious. His set always stuck with me. So here I am, many years later, interviewing him at Comic Strip. His credits include: The Late Show with David Letterman, and The Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson. Follow him HYPERLINK ““@bscottmcfadden

Laura: How long have you been doing stand up comedy?
Brian: Too long. Way too long. Over twenty-five years. read more

Amy Schumer Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight

Amy Schumer SNL

Written by Joseph Santiago

Amy Schumer & The Weeknd's SNL

Amy Schumer is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest the Weeknd

The American stand up comedian, actress, and producer Amy Schumer is hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday night. This will be Amy first time hosting SNL. This has been a huge year for Schumer winning Emmy Award for sketch show on Comedy Central. It’s been one big accomplishment after another accomplishment. She wrote and starred in her first movie, Trainwreck, hosting TV award shows, touring the world with her comedy shows, and she recently taped a new hour comedy special and is opening for Madonna in Madison Square Garden (MSG) read more

Louis C.K. Will Guest Stars in ‘Portlandia’


Written by Joseph Santiago


Louis C.K. has already visited many New York City coffee shops on the show Louie, so it only makes sense to visit the mecca itself, Portlandia.

Recently Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein wrapped up their production of season six of Portlandia. There ha been photos of stand up comedian Louis C.K. during the filming, and IFC has confirmed that stand up comedian Louis C.K. will be guest starring in Portlandia show this upcoming year:

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein both posted photos of themselves hanging out with Louis on social media last week. Steve Buscemi is also there! read more

Bill Burr Slams Conor McGregor in Podcast

bill burr vs conor mcgregor

conor mcgregor vs chad mendesWhat do you do when someone who looks  like you takes the ring in the main event at  UFC 189? Probably call him a freckled cu*t…

Fans of Bill Burr’s Monday Morning  podcast  will know that Bill doesn’t mind punching  above his weight. This week on his podcast,  Bill Burr let the punches fly in his   commentary on the Conor McGregor vs Chad  Mendes UFC fight. Right from the beginning,  Bill calls out McGregor (a fellow pale-faced  red-head) for talking trash and padding his ego in the ring. read more

Amy Schumer Wears Princess Leia’s Bikini On GQ Cover


Amy Schumer is on the cover GQ’s Magazine as the cover girl posing with C-3PO.

The  female stand up comedian and star of the upcoming movie Trainwreck is dressed up in “Star Wars” Leia bikini and can be seen on the cover deep throating C-3PO finger. Inside the Magazine you’ll notice Amy Schumer laying in the the bed with both droids C-3PO and R2-D2. As C-3PO lights her cigarette and she pushes R2-D2 buttons.

GQ recently announced Amy Schumer is “The Funniest Woman in the Galaxy”. We wish that we could share more of the article from the GQ men’s magazine. They only sent these StarWars theme pics. In the press release, which features Amy Schumer getting hot & dirty with the famed Star Wars droids C-3PO on the Cover of the Men’s Magazine. read more