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Interviewed Comedian Pedro Gonzalez at the New York Comedy Club

Pedro Gonzalez Comedian


Written by: Joseph Santiago

We met up with Stand Up Comedian Pedro Gonzalez at one of his comedy gigs at the New York Comedy Club in Midtown to discuss all things comedy.

1. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy? I worked at Big Lots, Dunkin Donuts, doing wiretaps for the DEA, and as an interpreter at Legal Aid.

2. How did you know you wanted to be a comedian? I didn’t, someone at work told me I never shut up so I should go try to do that for a living.

3. If you weren’t doing comedy, what would you be doing? I’d be teaching Spanish at some college and drinking heavily. read more

Hot Soup NYC Comedy Shows – Comedy Cellar & New York Comedy Club

Hot Soup - NYC Comedy Show



Written by: Joseph Santiago

Gary ViderMark Normand, and Matt Ruby present NYC Comedy Shows…Note: Wednesday night show has a new name: Good Eggs. So it’s now HOT SOUP on Tuesdays and GOOD EGGS on Wednesdays. Yum!

1) TUE 8/27: HOT SOUP AT COMEDY CELLAR – 10:30 PM NYC’s comedy shows are now at NYC’s best club! Tuesdays at Comedy Cellar @ Fat Black Pussycat (130 W. 3rd St.). Make reservations since show usually sells out.🎟 nyc comedy tickets THIS WEEK’S LINEUP 🎟nyc comedy tickets Andrew Schulz Matteo Lane Jessica Kirson Charles McBee Gary Vider Matt Ruby Mark Normand …and more!Fat Black Pussycat 130 W 3rd St. $10 tix/2 item min Make reservations
hot soup comedy cellar

hot soup comedy cellar

2) WED 8/28: GOOD EGGS AT NY COMEDY CLUB (4th St.) – 8 PM
Weekly Wednesday night edition (8 PM) of GOOD EGGS at this great new club in the East Village. Free tickets with code EGGS (two item minimum) here.

Sam Jay
Jim Tews
Mark Normand
Gary Vider
Matt Ruby read more

American Humor Lagged Behind Europe Before Jumping Ahead and Trailblazing Stand-Up Comedy


By James Lang

If you jumped into a time machine and went back to the America of the 1800’s, you’d find a young country that had just begun to define itself. Throwing off the shackles of a colonial power and trying a completely revolutionary form of government: democracy.

Charles Dickens

The home of comedy was not the United States. In fact, Europeans of the time would comment on the dull, pioneering spirit of the Americans they met. British writer Charles Dickens would comment on his experience with Americans that “…They certainly are not humorous people, and their temperament always impressed me as being of a dull and gloomy character.” read more

NYC vs. LA: Moving for Your Comedy Career?


Written by: Joseph Santiago

Are you looking for ways to chase your dream of becoming a professional comedy stand-up comic? Do you see yourself as the next Louis C.K. or Kevin Hart? Wow, if you answered yes, you definitely don’t lack ambition. But, maybe we can help you figure out some options for your next move.

Priyanka Mattoo

I was reading a fantastic article by Priyanka Mattoo on SplitSider and it inspired me to build off her points and maybe even take this blog article in a slightly different direction. Who’s Priyank Mattoo? How dare you! Well, I guess there’s no such thing as a bad question, but we’ll probably have to get you up to speed pretty quickly if you want to avoid embarrassing yourself in the future. read more

The Many Talents of Anthony Kapfer


Written by: Joseph Santiago

NYC Standup Comedian Anthony Kapfer is a musician, an animator, an editor, a writer, an actor, and an Alternative Comedy trailblazer. And his new special is just the beginning.



Kapfer was never known for taking projects lightly. When he says he’s spent his whole life in the City, it means he’s lived in every borough. When he says he released an animated standup comedy special, it means it was written, directed, animated, voiced and edited all by Kapfer himself. How does one man learn to master all of these arts while performing in multiple bands throughout his childhood? Essentially, by growing up before the iPhone was invented. read more

Youtube Superstars: Gangnam Style, ISIS, Funny Turkish Cats, Article #2

Youtube Superstars: Gangnam Style, ISIS, Funny Turkish Cats, Article #2


Written by: Joseph Santiago


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All ye Kings and Queens, Knights and Nobles! Thou have been summoned to join in the festivities! Held in the court of Virtual Reality!

First, let me start this article with an apology: I’m sorry for the excessive and obnoxious amount of exclamation marks in my opening two lines.

Moving on, in this article I am going to evaluate the success of the following three Youtube Sensations: Gangnam Style, ISIS and Funny Turkish Cats. Please understand that you made all three of those channels famous. You. YOU. You, the people, got Gangnam Style to be performed on Saturday Night Live. You, the people, proved to the world that Turkish Cats ARE in fact the funniest type of cat. And, you, the people, made ISIS. Your clicks, streams and countless minutes of awe proceeding a barbaric beheading DIRECTLY contributed to the fame and power which ISIS holds today. Odds are you did it by accident, through your primitive pastime consisting of a 4 hour virtual vacation on Youtube (which, I can relate to). I recently took a 4 hour virtual vacation myself visiting all sorts of cool places like: Alabama where I saw a guy in a camo hat shoot himself in the dick with a paintball gun; Antarctica where I got a 360 Degree HD view of the continent; and even a brothel in Thailand where I witnessed what may or may not have been a consensual gangbang (Asians have some outside-the-box fetishes and I don’t want to jump to conclusions). On a random side note; why is an ISIS beheading video have “An interview with a single, innocent Muslim mother,” under other videos you may like? Apples and Oranges, aye? Here’s my point; if you watch ISIS videos it’s hypocritical to then bash them through social media. You can cute-ify your profile picture with a flag but you can’t undo fame. read more

The Intelligent Simplicity of Anthony DeVito


Written by: Joseph Santiago


In his hooded sweatshirt and the standard NYC comedian beard, Anthony DeVito settled into his chair at Mud, a local coffee shop which boasts the fact that Jimi Hendrix used to live in their basement. “Seems like a lot of coffee shops say Hendrix used to live there. That guy sure moved around a lot.”

It was that classic DeVito twist you could find in all of his work, including his self-described laughably popular podcast, The Rad Dudecast. DeVito’s standup is riddled with the same simple silliness, described by Amy Hawthorne of the Comedy Groupie as an “’aw shucks, oh well’ spin on the ‘Am I the only person with any reason or common sense around here, because this is crazy, right?’” read more

On The Outside Looking In: About Me and The Objectification of Women In Standup Comedy, Article #1

On The Outside Looking In: About Me and The Objectification of Women In Standup Comedy, Article #1


Written by: Mike Shvenderman

Bonjour! Ca va bien?

A little bit about me, I’m not French by any means but I learned how to be fake thanks to my peers. My generation is full of fake humanitarians and horseshit idealists pretending like their meaningless blog posts and stupid fucking opinions are changing the world when in reality they most certainly aren’t. I love to be the bearer of bad news so here it is; NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU OR ME. Hopefully I don’t come off as a pessimist. These people have taught me several valuable lessons: words are truly meaningless; news reporting is dead; and that a middle-upper class white female CAN in fact exploit the problems of minority groups for a profit! Meanwhile Santa Clause is still not real, life isn’t fair. read more

Comedy Shows in NYC Listings for Oct. 15

comedy shows in nyc


Written by: Joseph Santiago

For up to date information about stand up comedy, comedy news and to find Comedy Shows in New York City.

Looking to see stand up comedy in New York City. Best Comedy Tickets has you connected. Easily find and buy tickets to the best New York Comedy Shows here

October 15, 2015

Comic Strip Live

(1568 Second Avenue, off 81st; Upper East Side club with typically solid lineups; 2-drink min.) Comic Strip Live Lineup: Kyle Ocasio  Buy Comedy Tickets 

Dangerfield’s Comedy Club

(1118 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065; Upper East Side club with typically solid lineups; 2-drink min.) Dangerfield’s Comedy Club Lineup: Rich Redding, Mike Gaffney, Kyle Grooms, Warren Holstein, JJ Ramirez and Joe Lufrano Buy Comedy Tickets  read more

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