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Introduction to Greenwich Village Comedy Club

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Written by: Joseph Santiago

After the success of two NYC Comedy Clubs, Al Martins decided to expand its brand and in 2012 opened the Greenwich Village Comedy Club in the heart of Greenwich Village on MacDougal Street one block south of the Comedy Cellar. Martin once again took the risk by opening Greenwich Village Comedy, the only two-part entertainment complex with three showrooms in New York serving more than 600 comedy fans from around the world every night. In 2005, he co-directed the Boston Comedy Club with Barry Katz, executive producer of NBC Last Comic Standing, and gave Al Martin the right to be the first three comedy clubs in New York.

In the summer of 2012, Martin expanded his comic activities in Greenwich Village, New York, by opening the Greenwich Village Comedy Club. Since the first day, the club has been filled with a bustling crowd of Downtown and great comedians every night that makes them laugh! Martin’s clubs attract comedy fans from around the world, including some of Jay-Z & Beyonce’s biggest celebrities, Andre Aggasi, Jimmy Fallon, Montel Williams, and Harry Connick Jr. Al Martin performs on stage or behind the scenes History as the King of New York Comedy. Martin is a brilliant thinker and innovator of his time. He has helped make New York the world capital of comedy.

Martin’s cozy underground showroom lures with a national headlining comedians. Every night, some of the top comedians pick up the microphone for R-rated riffs and laughter for the whole family, who fear salty anecdotes about the postman’s provocations.

They are the best comedians in New York City with special guests from all over the country. They have seen them on MTV, HBO, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Daily Show, Last Comic Standing and more. Late night menus include hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and nachos, beer and cocktails.

Features of Greenwich Village Comedy Club. 

When you enter the Greenwich Comedy Club, you first notice the general atmosphere. The size is not confusing as it can accommodate between 40 and 50 people. It’s in a basement, which makes it smaller. The size is not a disadvantage. Instead, it becomes more comfortable and intimate, so you really get closer to the comedians on stage.

Another key feature of the Greenwich Comedy Club is that it brings many acts every night. So you can get to know different aspects of comedy in one evening. Unlike other comedy clubs, which will only have a few comics, you can expect a lot more comedy and laughter in one evening at the Greenwich Comedy Club.

What to expect at Greenwich Village Comedy Club. 

When you visit the Greenwich Comedy Club there is an exceptional menu alongside the stellar comedy. They have a two drink minimum, but that’s very normal at all NYC Comedy Clubs. It is perfectly reasonable as there are only two drinks. Most menu items are a relatively good price and you can expect a good meal and a few drinks under $ 50. In addition, they have the best stand up comedians in the city and are right in front of you and you will surely have a whole night full of laughs and good times.

What you need to know about Greenwich Village Comedy Club. 

If you want the best possible experience at the Greenwich Comedy Club, it makes sense to learn from what others can tell you about this place. An insider tip for you is to make sure you get your tickets at Best Comedy Tickets website. Here is a link to Greenwich Village Comedy Club profile on our site. As mentioned, this place is a bit smaller than most others, and it’s general admission so first come typically gets the best seats. You do not want to miss any of the big acts just because you did not show up in time.

The Dos and Don’ts of Greenwich Village Comedy Club. 

Do’s of Greenwich Village Comedy Club. 

Do’s Come laugh and have a good time

  • This place is fantastic and you will really appreciate the laughter you get here.
  • Let loose and have fun with your friends for a night of laughs.

Don’ts of Greenwich Village Comedy Club. 

Don’t feel worried

  • No cell phone usage during the show.
  • No heckling of the comedians.

Greenwich Village Comedy Club Requirements :

  • 16 & over or 13+ with parents
  • Two drink minimum
  • Individual comedian appearances subject to change without notice


Greenwich Village Comedy Club Quick Facts

Admission from $15 to $25

Open weekdays and weeknights

Weekly open mic nights

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Location: 99 Macdougal Street New York, NY 10012

List of comedians that perform often at Greenwich Village Comedy Club. 

yannis-pappas tickets

Yannis Pappas

Yannis Pappas is a comedian. His album “Let Me Be Yannis” was named Album of the Year 2016 by SiriusXM Comedy. Yannis’s Half Hour Comedy Central show, aired in June 2014, is available on Amazon, iTunes,, and every time Comedy Central releases it. In 2015, he hosted the Humorous Sports Show, the Webby Candidate, and the Media Synopsis Award for Best Digital Series on Sport, AOL’s 2-point film. He previously co-hosted Fusion Live, a one-hour live television program dedicated to news, pop culture and satire. The Fusion TV network was launched as a joint venture between ABC and Univision. Yannis also co-hosted the MSG fan program The Bracket. He has also appeared on AXS TV, TruTV, VH1, and Good Morning America and was the first comedian to feature Jimmy Fallon on the New Tonight Show – a television series that has been tested without a broadcast, but it is known for his popular characters, Mr. Panos and Maurica.

Aaron BergAaron Berg

Aaron Berg made his debut at Comedy Central in 2016. THIS IS NOT SUCCESSFUL and made two appearances on LIVE AT GOTHAM and performance on WYFD???? By BIG JAY OAKERSON on Seeso. He will also be part of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle Season 2 in 2017.

He is also an author and currently has two books. Mr. Manners and the American label. His two albums are available on iTunes and can be streamed to RAW DOG on SIRIUS XM (“COMEDY COLTRANE” and “UNSCRIPTED”). Aaron is the host of FRANTIC MONDAYS in NYC and performs every night in New York. In addition, Aaron was one of the stars of the groundbreaking television program “24 HOUR RENTAL”, which was broadcast on HULU.

Mike Britt

Mike Britt is a comedian born in Brooklyn, New York. He made his debut at the Uptown Comedy Club in Harlem. He has since appeared in Comedy Central Presents, BET Comic View, VH1 Best Week Ever and The Bad Boys of Comedy. In 2015 he is known as the “singer” of the unbreakable title song Kimmy Schmidt. Mike is also in Netflix’s Season 1 Luke Cage.

Vanessa Hollingshead ticketsVanessa Hollingshead

Vanessa Hollingshead arrived from the first moment, waiting for more than 4 hours of comedy in an “open mic” for 5 minutes. She knew she was “at home.” It happened throughout the day during the whole city. Processor and to play in clubs at night. She often slept in the bathroom at work or at lunchtime. Vanessa never looked back. It has paid off. After two years, she managed to make a living in a comic strip.

She often jokes about real things. As a child, she spent a year at Millbrook Mansion with her father Michael Hollingshead, who introduced Timothy Leary and Sir Paul McCartney to LSD. “I have no childhood memories, but flashbacks.” At the age of five, she accidentally got LSD.

She was in different houses and schools. Her mother smoked marijuana and took amphetamines, which of course she gave Vanessa to clean the apartment. She lived briefly with her father in Boston, England, and Scotland. At 18, she was back in New York and received a scholarship to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatrical Institute. Vanessa was always like a sponge and could hit and imitate everyone once. She found humor in everyday life and that made her on stage as a comic actor anxious. She divides her time between stand-up, drama, theater writing, painting and keyboards, and karaoke.

Vanessa was recently part of VH1’s Lords of the Revolution, had her own Comedy Central Presents, recorded her second DVD on Gotham, “American Anglomaniac,” and shot her third DVD “Drunk” at Stand up New York October 17th. She was one of the first comics to travel to the Middle East after the outbreak of war. She has played for Comedy Central in Australia as well as for many shows in the UK and Amsterdam. She was also highly praised by her female show “Flashback” and has just completed her second personal show entitled “The Hold”. ,

When she is not working, tweeting or reserving reservations, she actively helps people with serious drug/alcohol problems and performs in prisons and institutions as well as VA hospitals in the area. New York. Her husband Lucien Hold died of scleroderma and is active in this organization.

Dustin Chafin

Dustin Chafin

Since Dustin Chafin picked up the microphone, he’s very busy. He appeared at the New York Underground Comedy Festival, where he presented the Tribute Show to Bill Hicks at the Laugh Factory. Dustin was also featured at the Comedy Festivals in Chicago and Las Vegas, where he received the Best of Fest Award. He is a regular in New York, including Caroline’s on Broadway, Comic Strip Live, the Broadway Comedy Club, Dangerfield’s Comedy Club and Stand Up NY Comedy Club

He’s the creator of “Uncensored Comedy,” a critically acclaimed show that takes place on weekends in New York and is a national tour. He is now part of the award-winning Greenwich Village Comedy Club. Chafin toured with USO in Korea, Japan, Africa, and Iraq. He was the author of the sci-fi channel and co-author of numerous television programs. Dustin is a tribe of Sirius and XM Satellite Radio – he has been featured on Jim Breuer Unleashed, Court TV Radio, Blue Collar Radio, and Howard Stern radio, Howard Demand, Insight Channel and Raw Dog.

He was also featured on ABC’s special coverage of the New York Comedy Festival. Dustin brought down the house on Showtime’s White Boyz in the Hood. Dustin has also been a writer, producer for United Stations Radio and I heart radio. He was featured in an episode of crashing an HBO new series created by Judd Apatow.

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