The New Daily Show: Trevor Noah Loved by America

Trevor Noah

Written By Joseph Santiago

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah, the new host of ‘The New Daily Show’ is loved by America; this was loudly and clearly shown through social media last night. The show was kicked off with lots of confidence, laughs, intelligence, and a smile that had the power to move a mountain. Noah promised to continue Jon Stewart’s bullshit war.

Using his own style and tone to showcase the segments and qualities of Stewart, Trevor Noah won the hearts of Americans with a performance that was almost flawless. He played to all groups by commenting on the Pope, immigration, comedy, the election, and touched on the smart crowd, non-sports fans, the millennial crowd, and fans of sports with many sly winks atop some self deprecating laughs for a good time. read more

Donald Trumps All

Donald Trump

Donald TrumpI’m so serious with the title of this piece.

Before you select [X] on the top right corner of your screen, let me preface that I have no intention of discussing politics. I do, however, intend to give credit where credit is due and The Donald is fucking killing it on twitter.

With over 4m followers, Trump is a self-promoting, self-aggrandizing narcissist with a penchant for punchlines. He is the quintessential New York comedian, except for the fact that he actually has money and a strong fan following. read more

John Oliver takes on Food Waste in America


By James Lange


John Oliver spent 17 minutes discussing food waste on Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight.” (“Last Week Tonight” / HBO)

Enough to fill 730 football stadiums? According to comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, that’s how much food we waste in the United States every year!

On Sunday, John Oliver dedicated a significant portion of his show to shedding some light on the epidemic of wastefulness in our culture, contrasted by the fact that 1 in 6 kids in America go to bed hungry.

Where is all of this food going? Well, here’s a comedic explanation from the legendary talk show host: read more