Crazy Funny: The Secret Behind the Best Comedians

By James Lang

Why strive to fit in if your goal is to be funny? A recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry suggests that the secret to making other people laugh is having an unusual personality. Originally reported on Reuters, the study and the surrounding discussion offers some insights into what makes people so funny.

lewis black

Basically, there’s a sweet spot between howling at the moon and avoiding intimacy that scientists have begun to identify as the best mental state for a career in comedy. To those in the business of making people laugh, it comes as no shock that you need to be a little bit nuts if you want to succeed. read more

NYC vs. LA: Moving for Your Comedy Career?

By James Lang

Are you looking for ways to chase your dream of becoming a professional stand-up comic? Do you see yourself as the next Louis C.K. or Kevin Hart? Wow, if you answered yes, you definitely don’t lack ambition. But, maybe we can help you figure out some options for your next move.

Priyanka Mattoo

I was reading a fantastic article by Priyanka Mattoo on SplitSider and it inspired me to build off her points and maybe even take this blog article in a slightly different direction. Who’s Priyank Mattoo? How dare you! Well, I guess there’s no such thing as a bad question, but we’ll probably have to get you up to speed pretty quickly if you want to avoid embarrassing yourself in the future. read more

Chicago Comedian Ricky Gonzalez to Record Live Album

Ricky Gonzalez

Written by Gary Miller

Chicago Comedian Ricky Gonzalez is set to record a live album this weekend. Ricky is an associate producer and regular performer at Comedians You Should Know, (CYSK) a comedy juggernaut in Chicago that runs a weekly showcase every Wednesday at Timothy O’Tooles, their home since 2010, as of this year they have started a show in Los Angeles as well. Their groundbreaking weekly showcases feature the top comedy talent from Chicago and Los Angeles as well as rising stars and established entertainers from across the country. We got a chance to talk to Ricky leading up to the recording. The decision to record at their home base seemed like a no-brainer, read more

T.J. Miller In Smirnoff Advertising Campaign

Written by Gary Miller

“If you’re going to have to absorb this ad content anyway, then I hope it’s at least really funny.”-T.J. Miller

Comedians T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch star in a new campaign for Smirnoff. The advertisements starring the Silicon Valley and Search Party stars are the second reiteration of their “Exclusively for Everybody” Campaign. The pair find themselves on a road trip to the New York Comic Con to pitch a movie about super hero alter egos starring themselves. The comedians play themselves and take the opportunity to have a blast along the way. The pair learn a lot about themselves on the harrowing 3,098 mile journey across the country. read more

The List Of Highest-Paid Comedians In 2015

jerry seinfeld

Written by Joseph Santiago

jerry seinfeld

The List has never included a single female comedian.

Year after year makes a list of the world’s highest paid stand up comedians. And although our love and devotion towards funny female comedians, the list never features a female comedian.

Jerry Seinfeld — current net worth an estimated $820 million in 2014 — He tops this 2015 highest paid comedian list, having earned $36 million between June 1, 2014 and June 1, 2015. Kevin Hart comes in second place with $28.5 million, followed by Terry Fator, who earned estimate $21.5 million. read more

Jim Norton Counted Down the Top 50 Stand Up Comedians

comedy greats


Cate Misczuk I August 15, 2015

comedy greats

Sirius XM launched their new station, Comedy Greats on Thursday by paying tribute to the comedians who didn’t make the top 50 countdown cut. Inaugural hosts and legends, Jim Norton, Sherrod Small and Dan Soder debuted the show with more of a discussion on comedy — nixing a countdown all together and playing clips from some greats who just didn’t grab a top spot.

Nortons countdown takeover was just the first of many that will air on the 27/7 comedy station. This time the live audience chimed in, and even suggested clips for the show, showcasing comedians like John Mulaney, Brian Regan, Lisa Lampanelli, Pat Cooper and Ralphie May. read more

Jeannie Gaffigan’s Smart, But Jim Gaffigan’s a Breakfast Burritos Lover

Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan

Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan

Jeannie and Jim Gaffigan were able to do things that a lot of people want to do but only few can really accomplish. They came up with an uproariously funny TV show about their family and their lives and they were able to do it exactly in the way they wanted to. The Jim Gaffigan Show has premiered on TV Land on July 15th. But before their show’s pilot episode, Jeannie and Jim were asked as to how they were able to pull off the show. Their story is like a TV 101 class and fans or aspiring comedians who want to go the extra mile will never regret watching it from start to finish. read more

Jim Norton to tape his new stand-up special on January 17th in Boston


Jim Norton is setting up to tape his next stand-up exceptional in Boston on January seventeenth. That ought to be sufficient data to happen at this minute on the grounds that who would like to see Jim Norton tape another stand-up extraordinary? No one that is who!

Be that as it may I deviate, in the event that you require more data, this is what’s up. There will be two tapings at the Somerville Theater, one at 7pm and one at 9:30pm. A 12 hour presale for the tickets starts today (Oct. 23) between the window of 10am-10pm on the off chance that you utilize the watchword “chip”. See tickets here. read more