Top 20 Comedy Specials on Netflix, According to Audiences

Dave Chappelle's "Sticks and Stones" was the most-viewed comedy special in 2019, according to Netflix data. Netflix

Top 20 Comedy Specials on Netflix, According to Audiences written by Joseph Santiago

Feb 28, 2020

Netflix viewers have taken a particular liking to comedy specials. Every day, millions of viewers are streaming comedy from the likes of Dave Chappelle, Ali Wong, John Mulaney, and others.

However, it can be difficult knowing which is worth your time with over 200 plus stand-up comedy specials on Netflix.

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Reasons to Love The Comedy Cellar in NYC

Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar

The Comedy Cellar is consider the mecca of stand up comedy in NYC. Everyone needs a good laugh. New Yorkers are lucky enough to have an endless variety of comedy clubs both inside and just outside the Big Apple. One of the reigning legends in New York Comedy is The Comedy Cellar. From celebrity-studded birthday bashes to rare appearances from retiring television hosts, The Comedy Cellar is a must-see destination for tourists and locals new to the city!

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NYC Comedy Club Owner Al Martin Interview


Written by Josh Rosen I September 16, 2015
al-martinNew York City is the mecca of stand-up comedy. If you want to be a successful comedian, the city offers endless opportunities to get on stage night after night. The clubs in the city are legendary, and all of the top comedians have performed at them. No one knows this better than Al Martin, owner and booker of Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club, two of the best venues in the city. I had the honor to pick the brain of Mr. Martin to learn about the ins and outs of the club business, and how it works within such a vibrant community. read more