How Amy Schumer Became Comedy Royalty

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Written by  Cate Misczuk: How Amy Schumer Became Comedy Royalty

How Amy Schumer Went From Comedian To Movie Star

Amy Schumer has gone from a New York stand up comic to a household name in just a few short years. The Trainwreck star seemingly stepped into TV and movie stardom overnight, but her rise to fame hit actually hit few key milestones that have shaped her career.

Here’s the 3 moves that catapulted Schumer to comedy royalty … young comedians, take note.

She Filled A Niche

Amy Schumer is the voice of the modern 21st century woman. She is a feminist, brutally honest, and constantly pushing the boundaries with her social commentary. It’s the type of voice many American women were looking for, and has helped propel her popularity. read more

Amy Schumer takes on post-feminism in “Trainwreck”

amy schumer & Bill Hader

amy schumer & Bill Hader

A regular of the New York comedy scene, Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck” is a romantic comedy packed with tons of extra laugh lines. Amy leads what many would look at as the perfect life; a great apartment with a hot boyfriend and a killer job. What’s not to love?

“Trainwreck” takes pot-shots at the idea of post-feminism, where women are now as lusty as men, and great careers are available to skirts or pant-suits; the boy’s club is supposedly a thing of the past. Or is it? Amy embodies what yesterday’s feminists were longing for; a female that’s equal to, and sometimes even superior to men. But is today’s idealistic world of gender-equality really all it’s cracked up to be? read more

Bridget Everett Blows Away Joe’s Pub in NYC

Bridget Everett Joe's Pub

Bridget Everett Joe's Pub

If there’s one comedian who is taking the world by storm now, that  would be none other than Bridget Everett herself. With her special  feature in the Vogue Magazine, festival crowds all over the country  that clamors for her presence, an appearance in the forthcoming  film Trainwreck and Amy Schumer declaring at the end of her best  and biggest season of Inside Amy Schumer that Everett is her  favorite performer, this comedy superstar is bound to see the best  of the best of her career yet. read more

Amy Schumer Apologizes for “Racist” Rape Joke About Hispanics: “I Am Taking Responsibility”

Amy Schumer

By Best Comedy Tickets Staff,

Amy Schumer

A joke is a joke, it must not be taken seriously, yet in case it offends someone, one must take the responsibility.

Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian who is known for her humor wherever she goes. Her good humor can be seen in the Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer”, in “the Bachelorette”, and become the cover of numerous magazines. Her name usually conquers the twitter and Facebook page due to her viral comedy skits.

But her current success wasn’t that easy. Before people recognize her humor and laugh on her jokes, the journey she gone through was also full of ups and downs, especially those days when she was still young. Schumer grew up in Long Island with her younger sister and one older brother. read more