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So you’re coming to New York City and want to see some stand-up comedy? Can’t say that we blame you. The comedy in New York City is by far the best in the world.

But before you see a comedy show, you’ve got to get your tickets, and that’s where things can seem a little problematic. With so many comedy, and comedy solicitors on the streets in Times Square, how do you know you’re getting the best deal or not being scammed? (To be honest, that’s why we created Best Comedy Tickets; because there are tons of different options and we wanted to make seeing stand up comedy easy. So we put everything in one place. Too busy to read? IOS App or Android to download Best Comedy Tickets now.) read more

Judah Friedlander New Book The Raindrops United

judah friedlander

Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

If the Raindrops United: Drawings and Cartoons 

judah friedlander


He is known as The World Champ, actor, comedian Judah Friedlander is AWESOME. Not only is he a excellent comedian, actor, he’s the world champ of the world. Judah can be seen nightly performing at most of the local comedy clubs in NYC.

Judah is mainly known for his role on the NBC hit 30 Rock where he played the character of Frank Rossitano. As well as such films as Wet Hot, American Summerer, American Splendor, and The Wrestler. Though before all the film fame he was a hard working stand up comic, and he quickly became one of my favorites. The first time I saw Judah perform was back in 2001 at Comic Strip Live on the Upper East Side, when I first started to promote stand up comedy. What caught my attention was how great he is working the crowd. After the shows he would greet all the fans and he’s a really is a genuine nice person. He would really take the time and talk to everyone and was good at marketing himself. I knew then he was something special and he quickly became one of my favorite comedians. read more

Top Comedy Shows in NYC for Friday 10/9/15

comedy clubs nyc

Looking to see a comedy shows in NYC tonight ?

Comedy Shows in NYC: Your essential guide Find out about recently announced stand up comedy in New York City.

Click here for up to date schedules to the best comedy shows in Manhattan.

The most up to date comedy schedule in the New York City area.

Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress. Photo: Mindy Tucker

October 9, 2015

Our pick of the best comedy shows in NYC tonight

Click the link to find the comedy club schedule and easily buy tickets.

Stand UP NY – 7pm 236 West 78th Street, New York, NY 10024


New York Comedy Club – 7pm 241 E 24th St, New York, NY 10010, read more

The Best Comedy Shows in NYC

best comedy shows in nyc

best comedy shows in nyc

The Best Comedy Shows in NYC

Find the best stand-up, comedians and comedy shows in NYC this week

I am sure you could just stay indoors and watch your favorite stand up specials on Netflix, but why would you. When you are in the greatest city in the world to watch the best comedy clubs and see the A list talent and upcoming stand up comedians perform live in person! Below you’ll find our favorite comedy shows in NYC for this upcoming week. You’ll find a link to purchase our tickets live on the site as well with the best discounts for comedy shows in NYC.

Stand UP NY

July 9, 8PM located in the beautiful neighborhood of the upper west side. Stand UP NY opened it’s doors back in 1986 and since that has been one of the most legendary comedy clubs in NYC. One of the draws of this venue is that it gets a lot of respect from the A list comedians and they get a lot of surprise comedians that popup daily. Recent comedians have been Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Judah Friedlander and much more. Tonight here is there lineup Elon Gold, Calise Hawkins, James Mattern, Kareem Green. read more

Time to Shine Comedy & Variety Show

NYC Comedy Show

Free Comedy Shows in NYC

Free Comedy Shows NYC

[TOP PICK] NICKY SUNSHINE blazed onto the NYC Comedy Club scene as a finalist in Sal’s Comedy Hole competition back in 2005.  Nicky has been doing comedy shows in NYC ever since. Nicky Sunshine has starred in and produced several comedy shows in NYC. She has been seen at some of the Best NYC Comedy Clubs such as Stand UP NY, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live and the Times Square Arts Center. She was a finalist for NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity at Peoples Improv Theater known as PIT. Nicky Sunshine has been featured on Nick Cannon’s “Fresh Faces” at Gotham Comedy Club. She is an actress and writer for the webseries “D. Lemon in the Morning”. read more

Comedy Shows in NYC

comedy clubs nyc

Comedy Shows in NYC

Every night there are comedy shows in NYC throughout 5 boroughs. That host famous comedians and up and coming comedians that perform at the best NYC comedy clubs. Stand up comedy, improv comedy and sketch. Below is rundown of some of these comedy shows in NYC and the list NYC comedy clubs, see below.

Comedy Shows in NYC

The Stand NYC The Stand NYC – Stand up comedy
 7 Nights as week, The Stand NYC
The Stand NYC has shows every night, and most of the comedians are  recognized from Television and  performed nightly at this Gramercy Comedy Club. The Stand NYC was named NY Magazine’s “Best  Comedy Club”. Here is the Stand NYC upcoming schedule, visit The Stand NYC read more

Sarah Silverman vs. Al Martin: The Gender Gap

Sarah Silverman vs Al Martin

Sarah Silverman vs Al Martin

A major issue in the United States has been the statistical gap in pay between men and women for the same work. A recent study showed women in full-time positions were paid 78 cents on the dollar when compared to men working the same job. Has this trend made its way onto the stage at the venerable New York Comedy Club?

Sarah Silverman checked her witty, satirical attitude at the door and brought her grievances to Levo League’s YouTube channel. Levo League is an online community of professional women who offer guidance and support to other women looking to move their career forward. With “fighting the gender pay gap” as one of their focal points, it’s not surprising that they would look for a compelling, headline grabbing celebrity story to draw attention to the issue. read more

Broadway Comedy Club

Broadway Comedy ClubLooking for a fun time in New York City? Head on over to the Broadway Comedy Club! Located in the heart of Times Square, The Broadway Comedy Club is New York City’s preeminent hub of fun and entertainment! Located on the same block as the Ed Sullivan theater, the CBS Studios, and the David Letterman Studio, incorporating the Broadway Comedy Club into your existing plans is easy!

Surprise celebrity appearances are a frequent sight at the Broadway Comedy Club. David Spade, Rosie O’Donnell and Shawn Wayans are a few of the famous comedians that have performed their stand-up routines at the Broadway Comedy Club. read more

Al Martin Interview


By Leo Goodman

Al Martin - Broadway Comedy Club

If you’re on this site then you already know New York has some pretty damn good comedy clubs.  What you might not know is that three of them are owned by one guy.

Over the past couple decades Al Martin has developed himself into a one-man comedy industry, with New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and now Greenwich Village Comedy Club providing audiences with stand-up shows and more seven nights a week.  It’s even more than you realize, once you consider that Broadway Comedy Club itself has three different stages, each of them with shows every night.  Sitting in the comic’s lounge area just off the main room downstairs at Broadway, with the sounds an audience’s laughter just on the other side of the wall, the comedian-turned club owner talks about telling jokes, booking jokesters, and just how much comedy a city like New York can sustain. read more