5 NYC Comedy Shows to Watch This Weekend

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Our tips for the best stand-up NYC  comedy shows that is happening this weekend and in the week ahead. Here is a list of the top NYC Comedy Shows to watch.

5 NYC Comedy Shows to Watch This Weekend - NYC Comedy Clubs

New York Comedy Club in the East Village (Nov. 16, 5:30). In this comedy, matinee featuring comedians Alexis Guerreros & Matt Richards

Nothing says that downtown New York is as good as a microphone, chair, brick wall, and stand up comedian. Stand comedy has been an integral part of the village nightlife for decades! The newly expanded New York Comedy Club is proud to join the thriving arts and entertainment community in the East Village and build a strong presence at our flagship Gramercy. read more

The Contagious Comedy Show on the Upper West Side at Stand UP NY

Contagious Comedy
Contagious Comedy

Contagious Comedy

Thursday, November 14, 2019, 7:30 pm (doors open at 7 PM)
Stand Up NY 236 West 78th Street (at Broadway)

Contagious Comedy presents its continued series of unstoppable laughter, featuring an A-list lineup including 8 top NYC comedians: Emcee – Kerri Louise (Showtime), Steven Scott (Comedy Central), Wali Collins (The Late Show), Sheba Mason (CBS This Morning), Ryan Reiss (Seth Meyers), James Altucher (James Altucher Show), Greg Cantwell (MTV) and Nicholle Kun (Producer). Don’t miss this fun contagious night of comedy! For Tickets go to contagiouscomedyshow2.eventbrite.com.  

About Contagious Comedy Productions
Contagious Comedy Productions is a one of a kind production company. We do everything from charity fundraising to corporate company events. Purpose and meaning have always been an important part of Contagious Comedy. Our first show was in Columbus, Ohio, at the Funny Bone Comedy Club where we raised over $30,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

Contagious Comedy has supported multiple charities in New York, New Jersey and Ohio- WIN (Women In Need) & NYC PetTails, Hawthorne Caballeros, and also the Ronald McDonald House in Ohio. With the shows in New York, New Jersey, and Ohio – close to a thousand people combined in attendance, Contagious Comedy Productions has raised over $60,000 (cash + media exposure) for all charities mentioned above.

About the Founder
Nicholle Kun is the Founder of Contagious Comedy and has produced shows at top NYC comedy clubs, such as The Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy Club, and now Stand Up NY. She also is a member and has produced shows at the world-renowned Friar’s Club.

I want to make people laugh and enjoy themselves! I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio and there was not a lot going on in the comedy scene. There were only one or two comedy clubs, and I remember how the comedian would make the whole audience burst into laughter. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to do comedy and to start my own production company!

My goal is to make Contagious Comedy’s a national brand that when you say the name, people light up and immediately recognize it. I would love to have a comedy special on HBO or Netflix. I am trying to think bigger, take my career to a higher level, and bring laughter to more people.

Laughter is so powerful, it is healing! We are so stressed in our everyday lives and there is so much negativity. In comedy, it is powerful to turn the negativity into positivity using humor and have everyone join in with you.

Being real makes people laugh. My goal is to “infect” everyone with Contagious Comedy. Contagious Comedy’s tagline is “You’ll want to catch it.” If we can spread the laughter to people who are having a horrible day and put a smile on their faces at the end, that would be mission accomplished for the company.

We do everything from fundraisers, roasts, corporate parties, birthdays, weddings, etc…You name it – we’ll make it happen!   read more

NYC Comedy Clubs & Comedy Shows – Discount NYC Comedy Tickets

NYC Comedy Clubs Discount Tickets

While you are traveling to the concrete jungle known as New York City you might want to attend and watch an NYC Comedy Clubs Show. NYC literally never sleeps. It’s one of the busiest cities on the entire planet and always has many things to do and see.  When you’re in the “Big Apple,” It’s very important to find a way to relax and have a night-long night of laughs. 

As humans we all just want to have a good time and laugh the night away with our friends, workmates and NYC comedy clubs has the best comedy clubs in the world.  read more

Interview with Comedian Ray DeVito at the New York Comedy Club

Ray DeVito Comedy

We met up with Ray DeVito at the New York Comedy Club right after his stand up comedy performance. It was a soldout prime time show on a Saturday night. The energy was buzzing with laughter in the air at the New York Comedy show. We ask him some questions about stand up comedy. Here is what Ray had to say…

1. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy?

Before doing standup comedy, I use to work as a recruiter in the plastics industry. Which sales jobs are fantastic in regards to knowing where you stand. It’s much like comedy, you know you’re worth immediately if you’re making the company money, you’re good. A lot like comedy, if you’re getting laughs, you’re good. read more

Interviewed Stand Up Comedian Jeffrey Gurian at New York Comedy Club in the East Village


1. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy?

Well, I tried getting a job as a waiter but there were none available so I went to Dental School and became a Cosmetic Dentist, and then later a Clinical Prof. at N.Y.U. in Oral Medicine and Oro-Facial Pain, while I was writing for big stars like Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, Jerry Lewis, Phil Hartman, George Wallace, Richard Belzer, and many Friars Club roasts.

2. How did you know you wanted to be a comedian?

My parents were typical Jewish parents from The Bronx, who at first refused to let me be a doctor. They said, “Don’t shame us that way!” I had to hide in my room to do my homework, and they would bang on the door and say “Come out. We know you’re studying in there. Stop it. You’ll be too successful!” I finally got them to give in. Actually, my grandfather owned a nightclub called “The Red Mill” and I was introduced to show biz at a very early age. My father was a big comedy fan and took me to see comedy movies when I was a kid, and at 12 years old I was already writing comedy for the amusement of my friends. read more

Interview Comedian Carole Montgomery at Stand UP NY


This week we talk with native New Yorker Carole Montgomery, who happens to be a very talented standup comedian. She has been performing at NYC Comedy Clubs for the past 40 years and has been featured on over two dozen television appearances, Carole has headlined clubs & colleges ​across the USA and starred in 2 different Las Vegas production shows. In her ten years as a LAS VEGAS STAR, it is estimated that she has been seen by over 5 million audience members. LAS VEGAS SUN calls Carole “one of Vegas’ premier comics, ” SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS says Carole is “one of the pioneering female comics of the modern era” SEATTLE TIMES calls Carole “one of the strongest women working today” read more

5 NYC Comedy Shows Tonight – NYC Comedy Clubs

nyc comedy blog listings

NYC Comedy Shows Tonight March 7, 2019

Here is a list of 5 great NYC comedy shows that are lined up for performance at these NYC Comedy Clubs this second week of March. We have also provided short profiles of the comedians who will be performing at different NYC comedy clubs, read along and see what action awaits you.

Ashley Blaker

1. Stand Up NY  Thursday 7th March 2019 starting 7: 30 PM
The NYC comedy clubs, Upper West Side will be hosting Ashley Blaker an internationally acclaimed comedian. Some describe him as an Orthodox Jewish Comedian.

He has been to various parts of the world, actually all the continents, talk of the United Kingdom, Europe, United States of America, Israel, Middle East, and South Africa. He has been featured in a number of magazines, New York Time, Financial Times, New York Post and Fox News. He stars on the BBC show, Ashley Baker’s Goyish Guide to Judaism. read more

16 Questions for Comedian Shane Torres at New York Comedy Club

Shane Torres comedy

By Joseph Santiago

Shane Torres is a stand-up comedian and writer. We met up with him at the New York Comedy Club in the East Village.

You might have seen Comedy Central Presents, This week on Comedy Cellar or on Conan O’Brien. He has also performed at Montreal “Just For Laughs” New Faces back in 2012.

He’s one of the top upcoming comedians here in the city. Shane is a regular performer at The Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, New York Comedy Clubs, and Stand UP NY read more

Stand UP NY – Very Good Comedy Show

nyc comedy blog listings

Stand Up NY Comedy Club ✓ Critic’s Pic (NYC Comedy Show)
Feb 27th, 2019, 90 Minutes Stand Up Comedy Show
Stand UP NY, 236 W 78th St, New York, NY 10024 Telephone : (212)-595-0850

Very Good Comedy Show is a grassroots touring project leaving audiences smiling across the country. Each entertaining performance is like TV late night live with standup, improv, video vignettes and a house band that always keeps the party going. Co-produced and hosted by NYC comedy club regulars Aric Grooms & Robert Punchur, this show has seen drop-ins including national headliners Louie CK & TJ Miller. The story of the show begins in late 2017 when Punchur, then a 25-year-old self-described “jaded standup burnout” was working a weekly shift as a bartender at Broadway Comedy Club on 53rd Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. Grooms’ energy at that time was the inverse- he was a family man in his 40s with fresh excitement to dive into the too-oft cynical medium. The individuals crossed paths at an open mic the younger comic habitually hosted. Aric’s hypersocial habit of fast-talking strangers into friends broke open stories of Robert’s recently discarded past as a bicoastal model, actor, and standup show producer- a combination of skills which allowed him to serve as the comedic face of KnowMe (a flash-in-the-pan video-editing software & social media platform that Punchur planned & hosted an 8-city national tour for a few months prior).
 Robert Punchur at Stand Up NY

Robert Punchur at Stand Up NY.

After a nasty end to his first romantic domestic partnership with an Australian actress & bikini model (a descriptor Punchur still slyly brags about) during that time, the once self-made entertainer decided to remove himself completely from the forefront of his industry. Aric’s background in ministry and youth pastorship helped him quickly recognize that Robert’s resulting depression was not from tiring of jokes, but rather the personal troubles and dirty politicking of favoritism that runs many venues who host them.

He proposed beginning an independent project where performers were respected, appreciated, paid, and most importantly- audiences were entertained. Thus- Very Good Comedy Show was born.

The earliest happenings took place at West End Lounge, a mostly musical bar venue located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. To differentiate themselves from other shows, Robert & Aric brought on Jeff Manno and his House Band to open the night and play up each act with pop rock covers. This musical inclusion is a throwback to stand-ups traditional vaudeville origins when the art form emerged in the Catskills. It’s a signature staple of Very Good that has followed them over the past two years into cities across the country including Pittsburgh, Chicago, the co-producers’ small hometowns of Butler PA & Chillicothe OH, and a monthly occurrence at vacation destination The Lodge in Woodstock NY. read more

5 Stand Up Comedy Shows to Watch in NYC

NYC Comedy Events

By Joseph Santiago


Our guide to best NYC Comedy Clubs Events. Here is a list of happening this Feb 7, 2019. We choose New York Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Broadway Comedy Club, and EastVille Comedy Club in Brooklyn.  If you like use promo code Blog20 for 20% discount on all NYC Comedy Shows.

NEW YORK COMEDY CLUB – In Midtown  (Feb. 7, 7:00 PM.) LIZA TREYGER this funny lady, last year in 2018 premiered a 30 minute stand up special with Netflix’s called The Degenerates with a handful of talented comics. (Location 85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003) read more