Josh Blue Stand Up Comedian with cerebral palsy is standing up to stereotypes



Josh Blue had won the Last Comic Standing on NBC’s reality show Last Comic Standing through its fourth year, which led May-August 2006. Blue has cerebral palsy, and a lot of his self-deprecating comedy is based on this.

Blue was born in Africa in Cameroon in which his dad, Walter Blue, was a professor of Romance languages in Hamline University instructing in an assignment. Blue climbed up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, also graduated from Como Park Senior High School at 1997. He started his career as a comic when looking for a creative writing degree at The Evergreen State College. read more

Sue Costello’s “I Wasn’t Trying to be Funny”

sue costello

Written by Josh Rosen,

sue costello
Sue Costello is an actress, comedian, writer and producer. She has starred in such television programs as the self-titled Costello, NYPD Blue, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend.

She has appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and made it to the finals of in 2004.

She can be heard on episode 172 of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

Sue is one of the hardest working individuals in all of show business. She was Becky in The Fighter, Sgt. Kneeley in Once in a Lifetime. read more

Ralphie May Filing For Divorce

Ralphie May divorce

Ralphie May 10-Year Marriage Ends … Lahna Turner Files For Divorce

Written By Gary Miller

Ralphie May, the Last Comic Standing Runner-up from the landmark first season, has filed for divorce with wife and fellow comedian Lahna Turner, known for The Perfect 10 podcast she will continue The couple has been married for ten years and share two children. Lahna Turner has filed for sole custody and is asking for spousal support.

According to Lahna Turner’s official twitter (@LahnaTurner) TMZ misreported and she filed on 10/8/15 in California and Ralphie filed on 9/25/15 in Tennessee. read more

How Amy Schumer Became Comedy Royalty

amy schumer royalty

Written by  Cate Misczuk

How Amy Schumer Went From Comedian To Movie Star

Amy Schumer has gone from a New York stand up comic to a household name in just a few short years. The Trainwreck star seemingly stepped into TV and movie stardom overnight, but her rise to fame hit actually hit few key milestones that have shaped her career.

Here’s the 3 moves that catapulted Schumer to comedy royalty … young comedians, take note.

She Filled A Niche

Amy Schumer is the voice of the modern 21st century woman. She is a feminist, brutally honest, and constantly pushing the boundaries with her social commentary. It’s the type of voice many American women were looking for, and has helped propel her popularity. read more

Shakir Standley (Last Comic Standing) Attempts Stand-Up on A Train

Shakir Standley Last Comic Standing

Part of being a comic is knowing the right time and place for sharing your talents with the people around you. As Shakir Standley (from Last Comic Standing) found out, a packed train car with a captive audience may not be the best place to launch into a set.

As a current finalist on NBC’s hit show, Last Comic Standing, Shakir shared his hilarious experience with the audience. It worked, as he’s survived yet another round. read more

Esther Ku Interview

Esther Ku

Esther Ku

Interview with Esther Ku for By : Kevin McCarthy

KM: Thanks for talking with us. To start off could you tell us a little about what drove you to be a comedian and how you got your start doing stand-up?

EK: Sure. Well I was always a writer in my high school and I wrote for the school paper and all these kids at school would always come up to me like “I read your articles first cause they’re funny!” So when you’re a kid and somebody tells you you’re funny, you’re like “Oh, I’m gonna be a comedian.” You don’t ever think of the practicality of “Well, I’m gonna be broke for ten years.” And once you hear like, people coming up to you telling you your funny a few times, you’re like “okay, yeah, maybe I can do this.” So, when I graduated college, which I should’ve never gone to college, I think that was a mistake, but I was trying to lose my virginity and I didn’t know any other legitimate way to go about doing that. So after I graduated from college, I moved to Boston and I started with the open mic scene over there. So that’s how I got my start really. read more

Rob Cantrell’s Coffee and Weed Go-Go Remix

rob cantrell coffee and weed


The timing for this music video is great. Washington DC, the city where stand up comedian Rob Cantrell was born and raised has recently Legalized Marijuana. “Amazing, It appears odd saying it. It is a bit dubious in light of the fact that the DC leader and a few congresspersons are debating the lawful consequences of full on legitimization of Marijuana in the city.” says Cantrell. “It is a ‘Hot Button’ theme at this time and this feature was super amusing to shoot in the place where I grew up given everything that is occurring at this moment.” The tune is re-blended with new verses and masterminded in a neighborhood Go-Go musical structure with the assistance of DC zone band LIONIZE. The DC Go-Go sound was conceived in the District and is an astounding unique musical sort that is an off shoot of Funk, with numerous likenesses to Hip-Hop. read more

Rob Cantrell Interview

by Hannah Chusid

 Rob Cantrell Comedian

BCT:  So how are you doing?

RC:      I’m doing well.

BCT:  Fantastic, so you were on Last Comic Standing, right?

RC:      Correct.

BCT:  Could you tell us about your experience with that?

RC:      I was on the very first one, so it was kind of bizarre, nobody knew what it was, it kind of came out of nowhere.  I’d been doing comedy in San Fransisco for about three years and it was my first real break.  The audition was weird, we’d been told a little bit about it, didn’t really know much.  I walked in and I got past the first round in San Fransisco and they invited me to LA and I got picked out of that, and there were a lot more comics, then I went to Las Vegas.  That was the year they had us all living together in a mansion in Beverly Hills.  I’d just finished opening for Todd Barry at the Sacramento Punchline, I remember, and then all of a sudden a couple weeks later I’m on national television.  So I went from zero to 2000 really fast. read more