Interview : Jay & Eytan Comedians at New York Comedy Club

Jay & Eytan Comedy

Jay & Eytan – New York Comedy Club

We met up with Jay & Eytan comedians right before their sold-out comedy show at the New York Comedy Club. We got to learn a little bit about them and their comedy.

1. What other jobs did you two do before starting stand up comedy?

We’ve done what feels like every job under the sun. Anywhere from serving, to call centers, to working on film and photosets. All of which drudge up horrible memories so we’ll move on to the next question.

2. How did you know you wanted to be a duo comedian?

We’ve been performing together in one way or another since 2006. We were part of a large sketch troupe in Toronto called “The Boom” and had a sold-out monthly show for 6 years running. Within that large troupe, we always wrote lots of scenes just the two of us, and have always had a chemistry on stage together. When we moved to New York in 2013 we slowly started building a new act that feels more like a two-man stand-up act, with an emphasis on acting out jokes as opposed to just telling them. It all happened pretty naturally. read more

Comedian Interview Kate Wolff at The New York Comedy Club East Village

kate wolff new york comedy club

We sat down to interview one of our favorite comedians Kate Wolff at the New York Comedy Club in the East Village to discuss all things stand up comedy. 1. What other jobs did Kate Wolff do before starting stand up comedy? I was an Art Teacher for about 6 years when I started stand up comedy. I continued to teach and do stand up for another two years. I eventually had to quit teaching in order to dedicate more time and energy to comedy. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 2. How did you know you wanted to be a comedian? After my first open mic, I just felt this rush of creative energy, and I knew then I had found my passion. I couldn’t stop thinking about comedy, and what I wanted to try out on stage. I knew I had found my calling. 3. If you weren’t doing comedy, what would you be doing? I also got into the spiritual healing world as I continued my journey with comedy. I recently graduated from a four-year NonDual Kabbalistic Healing program, so I am a certified healer. I also read tarot cards, paint, and dance. So, I’d probably still be exploring those worlds even if comedy wasn’t in the mix. But thank God/Goddess it is! 4. Where are some of your favorite places to perform? My two home clubs in NYC are New York Comedy Club and Stand Up NY. They have had my back from the beginning, and the rooms are just incredible. 5. Who are some of your favorite up-and-comers in the comedy world? Probably the people I’ve come up with, so Emma Willmann, Robyn Schall, Calise Hawkins, Leah Bonnema, Nathan Macintosh, Aminah Imani, and many more! 6. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? To just focus on my craft, and get funny. We all fall into the comparison wound, but I try my best to just focus on myself, and get more and more authentic on stage. It’s all about finding your unique voice! 7. When did you feel like you were a pro comedian? Probably about a couple of years in when I got paid to do my first headlining gig, and then shortly after that when I got my first stand up TV credit on NickMom’s Night Out.

8. How often do you perform comedy per week? read more

Interviewed Comedian Camille Theobald at The New York Comedy Club

Camille theobald New York Comedy Club

Written by Joseph Santiago

Camille theobald New York Comedy Club

Camille Theobald Performing at the New York Comedy Club

We sat down with the hilarious comedian Camille Theobald at the New York Comedy Club. She is a regular at most of the comedy club in NYC. She is a rising star has been featured in the New York Post, Time Out NY, NBC News and Elite Daily.

She has appeared on MTV, in Kevin Spacey’s Masterclass, as the voice of Amazon Prime’s travel series Beyond Moscow, indie films in the New York Indie Film Fest, Long Island Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, and National Geographic. read more

Interview with Stand Up Comedian Aaron Berg

Aaron Berg at the Stand NYC

Written by : Bryan Murray

aaron berg

After attending comedy on a fairly regular basis throughout the few years my wife and I had been living in New York, there was one main thing I noticed. It can get expensive. In most cases, it is treated as a “night out” an occasional event that is looked upon much like a concert or Broadway show. One of these things you plan around, maybe save up a little beforehand. That was something I definitely did not take into account before wanting to take in as much live stand up comedy as possible. It didn’t take long before it was heavily suggested to me by the more responsible half, to find new ways to attend comedy that wouldn’t hurt our accounts. Luckily, New York also has a plethora of shows, especially during the regular week nights, which are far more affordable, sometimes even free. We found ourselves regularly attending show at The Stand Restaurant and Comedy Club in the Gramercy area.
At one of the many shows we had seen there was Aaron Berg, who I have heard on various podcasts in which he plugged a free show at the club called Frantic!. Frantic! is a free show every Monday night at 10pm, the final show at the club that night so it can go for a while. One available Monday we attended the show, and it was absolutely hysterical. Since then, I have returned multiple times to Frantic! and became a fan of Aaron and his other projects as well as the amazing feats that I got to discuss briefly with him about.
Aaron and I stood outside a chilly January 11th night. This, like most Frantic! shows offered both pretty recognizable names and some newer comedians. On this night it was Aaron, Noah Gardenswartz, Aida Rodriguez, Dan Soder, Subhah Agarwal, Dave Smith, Graham Kay, Luis J. Gomez, Janelle James, a drop in by Judah Friedlander, Alex Pavone, and Bill Dawes playing the character of Grigori. When we could, Aaron and I would run outside to talk as he puffed on his cigar checking the times to jet back in to light and host the show.
You’ve had some “questionable professions” prior to stand up. What made you decide to get into stand up?
“I had done a movie in Canada and thought, ‘I’d just be a movie star, this will be easy’ it was ‘Detroit Rock City’ I had a small part. And thought that it would blow me up but didn’t so I went to an Amateur Night at Yuk Yuks in Toronto it went really well.I mean, the comedy was horrible thinking it seemed easy but then just sucked for a while.”
What got you first interested in acting?
“I think I always just wanted to be a movie star and just wanted to be on tv I think. But then, once I discovered stand up the exact opposite thing happened, ‘F*#k TV I wanna be an artist.’”
Some could look now and see there are definite “comedy purists” that do fall very close to the ‘wanna be an artist’mentality. Do you feel you hold true to that or has it changed throughout the years?
“I feel now, I’m just really happy creating constantly. No matter what it is, as long as I’m creating.”
And that definitely shows in what you have been putting out there especially recently. Releasing two books, constant stand up, and being a part of Hulu Original series “24 Hour Rental”.
“I feel like the stuff that I do would be more suited to someone who is really famous like ‘Oh, he wrote another book that silly Ryan Goseling’” read more

Interview with Richard Tienken The Owner of World Famous Comic Strip Live

judah friedlander, Richard Tienken

By: Laura High
March, 3rd 2016

Richard Tienken

I just started stand up comedy and had no clue what to do. One comic suggested I audition for Late Night at Comic Strip Live. Comic Strip is the oldest comedy club in New York. I had seen performances there when I was a teenager. I was terrified because this was going to be the seventh time I had ever performed stand up. I got there and found out that there was a panel of judges who will ‘roast’ each of us and let us know if we pass (get hired) in front of a packed room. My heart went in my throat. I went up, and miraculously did well. I had no expectations. One of the judges asked how long I had I been doing stand up, I said this was my seventh performance. Then Richie said, “You’re passed.” I’ve been working on jokes there ever since. read more

American Humor Lagged Behind Europe Before Jumping Ahead and Trailblazing Stand-Up Comedy

By James Lang

If you jumped into a time machine and went back to the America of the 1800’s, you’d find a young country that had just begun to define itself. Throwing off the shackles of a colonial power and trying a completely revolutionary form of government: democracy.

Charles Dickens

The home of comedy was not the United States. In fact, Europeans of the time would comment on the dull, pioneering spirit of the Americans they met. British writer Charles Dickens would comment on his experience with Americans that “…They certainly are not humorous people, and their temperament always impressed me as being of a dull and gloomy character.” read more

Interview with William Stephenson

william stephenson

Interview with William Stephenson

william stephensonAs a first time writer for this website, I found it appropriate and best way to kick off my inaugural post was with one of the people I’ve come to realize was there for one of my wife’s and I’s first experience at live comedy in New York City. It really is one of those moments that stick, that giddy and excited feeling someone gets as a child opening a present. That was my experience tugging on my wife’s jacket upstairs of the Comedy Cellar before their late show on a week night. Looking behind me at all the comedians that I recognized at “The Table” and looking up at the closed circuit television to see Chris Rock finishing up a set. I don’t remember every performer that night, but the MC for the evening definitely stuck. It was someone with this truly amazing energy, that of a ball busting family member. Taking shots at the audience while still remaining relatable. That was William Stephenson. It was really an honor to get to chat with him for a while, a true veteran in the New York City stand up community while remaining truly humble and doing it truly for the love of stand up and performing

My wife and I got to check out the show Saturday January 9th at Broadway Comedy Club where he closed out a great show with Chris Murphy as the MC, Russ Menev, Wali Collins, Tommy Gooch, Jerry Shack, and finally Will. Afterwards, we got a chance to step outside and have a conversation with Will where we found out this was only his second time performing at this club and has been a while performing outside of hosting.

We’ve seen you multiple times hosting in the city, where did you start and was it hosting? read more

Amy Schumer Loves Getting Picked-Up

Comedy Central has renewed Amy Schumer’s hit TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, for a fifth season in a row. This is exciting news for fans of Amy’s work and serves as the perfect start to a new year, after a 2015 that was so full of wins for the comedian from New York City.

Last year Schumer enjoyed critical acclaim for her movie Trainwreck, HBO’s Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo and the fourth season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.

What Schumer has proved is that modern television isn’t about getting the highest ratings. It’s about who can become the most viral online. Jimmy Fallon rocketed the ratings of The Late Show by focusing on cleverly curated skits that could be uploaded later to YouTube. Schumer is clearly reading from the same playbook. read more

Reasons to Love The Comedy Cellar in NYC

Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar

The Comedy Cellar is consider the mecca of stand up comedy in NYC. Everyone needs a good laugh. New Yorkers are lucky enough to have an endless variety of comedy clubs both inside and just outside the Big Apple. One of the reigning legends in New York Comedy is The Comedy Cellar. From celebrity-studded birthday bashes to rare appearances from retiring television hosts, The Comedy Cellar is a must-see destination for tourists and locals new to the city!

That moment where Jon Stewart got his stand-up on… read more

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Be Like Emma Willmann


Emma Willmann can thank divorce for introducing her to comedy.

Kind of.

“My parents got divorced and I would watch TV at my dad’s place because he was the cool parent that had cable. I’d watch some comedy. I loved Bruce Bruce.”

The cable company, bringing comedians close to family.

EMMA WILLMANN - PhotoEmma has a wide variety of comics she now loves to watch perform.

“I Love Brian Regan,, Cedric the Entertainer, Katt Williams, Wanda Sykes, Jerry Seinfeld, I love Seinfeld and I love urban comedy.” read more