Interview with Comedian Ian Fidance at New York Comedy Club

ian fidance new york comedy club

By Joseph Santiago

ian fidance new york comedy club

Ian Fidance – Stand Up Comedian

We met up with Ian Fidance stand up comedians at the New York Comedy Club right after his comedy show in New York. Ian Fidance is an actor and writer, known for From BoiZone with Love (2013), Leaves in Autumn (2017) and ONE NIGHT misunderSTANDing (2013). We talk about show business, how he writes & develops material and all things comedy.

What do you wish someone had told you about show business before you entered it?

It fucking sucks

What was your process in developing this special? read more

Interview Comedian Justin Silver at The Stand NYC Comedy Club

Justin SIliver at The Stand NYC

By: Joseph Santiago

We met up the other night with Stand-Up Comedian Justin Silver right before his comedy show at The Stand NYC: Comedy Club NYC & Restaurants. We discuss some of his odd jobs, comedy influencers, and about some of his favorite comedy clubs in NYC.

Justin Silver at The Stand NYC

Justin Silver at The Stand NYC

What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy? I was a tour guide on a double-decker bus before starting a comedy.

How did you know you wanted to be a comedian? I loved comedy when I was little but didn’t start until I was 25, after I had been a juror in a murder trial. I realized that life was precious and I wanted to be a clown. If you weren’t doing comedy, what would you be doing? If I wasn’t a comedian I think human trafficking is an interesting field. Where are some of your favorite places to perform? I love The Stand NYC comedy club here in Murray Hill. I spent a long time learning how to do comedy at places like the Creek and the Cave and the Brokerage in Long Island. I love performing in New York. I like going on the road but I think New York is the best town for comedy. Who are some of your favorite up-and-comers in the comedy world?  I’m a big fan of Paris Sashay who is incredibly funny and Luke Mones who is as well. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? The best advice I ever got was from my dad “Don’t overestimate your value” When did you feel like you were a pro comedian? When you stop working a day job, that’s a big thing. I don’t quite know if you feel like a pro but it’s a step in the right direction. How do you deal with hecklers? I try to address hecklers in a funny way. If you let them derail the set, they’ve won. What advice would you give your younger self? Advice to my younger self: a snack shouldn’t cost 48 dollars. How did you develop your style of stand up? My style of stand up I would describe as “intake at a psychiatric institution” What advice would you give your younger self? I developed my style by doing comedy everywhere I could. How would you describe your brand of comedy? I’m sort of a loud opinionated obnoxious cretin. So it was a natural process. Who were your influences growing up; both from the world of comedy and elsewhere? I wouldn’t use the word influence because he’s, in my opinion, one of the greatest of all time but my favorite comic is Patrice O’Neil.

I love to interview comedians, Can I ask what happens when you are in front of a crowd, and no one laughs? When I’m in front of a crowd and no one laughs I tend to point that out and hope that’s funny. read more

Interview with Stand Up Comedian Aaron Berg

Aaron Berg at the Stand NYC

Written by : Bryan Murray

aaron berg

After attending comedy on a fairly regular basis throughout the few years my wife and I had been living in New York, there was one main thing I noticed. It can get expensive. In most cases, it is treated as a “night out” an occasional event that is looked upon much like a concert or Broadway show. One of these things you plan around, maybe save up a little beforehand. That was something I definitely did not take into account before wanting to take in as much live stand up comedy as possible. It didn’t take long before it was heavily suggested to me by the more responsible half, to find new ways to attend comedy that wouldn’t hurt our accounts. Luckily, New York also has a plethora of shows, especially during the regular week nights, which are far more affordable, sometimes even free. We found ourselves regularly attending show at The Stand Restaurant and Comedy Club in the Gramercy area.
At one of the many shows we had seen there was Aaron Berg, who I have heard on various podcasts in which he plugged a free show at the club called Frantic!. Frantic! is a free show every Monday night at 10pm, the final show at the club that night so it can go for a while. One available Monday we attended the show, and it was absolutely hysterical. Since then, I have returned multiple times to Frantic! and became a fan of Aaron and his other projects as well as the amazing feats that I got to discuss briefly with him about.
Aaron and I stood outside a chilly January 11th night. This, like most Frantic! shows offered both pretty recognizable names and some newer comedians. On this night it was Aaron, Noah Gardenswartz, Aida Rodriguez, Dan Soder, Subhah Agarwal, Dave Smith, Graham Kay, Luis J. Gomez, Janelle James, a drop in by Judah Friedlander, Alex Pavone, and Bill Dawes playing the character of Grigori. When we could, Aaron and I would run outside to talk as he puffed on his cigar checking the times to jet back in to light and host the show.
You’ve had some “questionable professions” prior to stand up. What made you decide to get into stand up?
“I had done a movie in Canada and thought, ‘I’d just be a movie star, this will be easy’ it was ‘Detroit Rock City’ I had a small part. And thought that it would blow me up but didn’t so I went to an Amateur Night at Yuk Yuks in Toronto it went really well.I mean, the comedy was horrible thinking it seemed easy but then just sucked for a while.”
What got you first interested in acting?
“I think I always just wanted to be a movie star and just wanted to be on tv I think. But then, once I discovered stand up the exact opposite thing happened, ‘F*#k TV I wanna be an artist.’”
Some could look now and see there are definite “comedy purists” that do fall very close to the ‘wanna be an artist’mentality. Do you feel you hold true to that or has it changed throughout the years?
“I feel now, I’m just really happy creating constantly. No matter what it is, as long as I’m creating.”
And that definitely shows in what you have been putting out there especially recently. Releasing two books, constant stand up, and being a part of Hulu Original series “24 Hour Rental”.
“I feel like the stuff that I do would be more suited to someone who is really famous like ‘Oh, he wrote another book that silly Ryan Goseling’” read more

Interview Comedian Dave Smith

Dave Smith Comedian

Dave Smith Comedian

Written by: Bryan Murray


Black Friday Sales – Comedy Shows in NYC

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The 7 Best Places To See Stand-Up Comedy in NYC


Written by Joseph Santiago


New York City is the greatest city in the world for stand up comedy, When it comes to stand up comedy clubs in NYC it’s the best of the best and nothing compares. The biggest comedians make New York  home from anyone to Chris Rock to Louis CK to Jerry Seinfeld. They make unannounced guest spots daily, here is our list of favorite comedy clubs.

The Stand NYC

The Stand NYC

When people think of the best comedy shows in NYC, they think of The  Stand NYC. Located in the Gramercy area of NYC and voted “Best Comedy  Club in NYC” by the New York Magazine and “Best New Venue” by Time Out  New York, The Stand NYC has some of the highest quality comedy in all of  New York. This newish comedy club has already reached legendary status here in  NYC. The Stand NYC comedy club often features some of the biggest names in  comedy including Louis CK, Dane Cook, Artie Lange, Bill Burr, Colin Quinn,  Gilbert Gottfried, Janeane Garofalo, Nick DiPaolo and many more! Get tickets read more

Tracy Morgan plans comeback comedy tour

tracy morgan

Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

Tracy Morgan just his return to stand up comedy with four month tour around America. The “Picking Up The Piece comedy tour will start February 2016 and there will be more dates coming as details unfold.

Morgan  made his return to the comedy stages performing at local comedy clubs in NYC. He seen making surprise sets The Comedy Cellar and The Stand NYC. He recently went back to his old stomping grounds and hosted Saturday Night Live.

The “Tracy Morgan: Picking Up the Pieces” tour is set to begin Feb. 5 at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, it was announced earlier today.

Morgan was in a coma for more then two weeks following a June 2014 auto accident, when a 18wheeler Walmart truck slammed into the comedians limousine carrying fellow comedians Ardie Fuqua, Harris Stanton. “Jimmy Mack” was killed in the car crash. read more

Record-breaker Aaron Berg Most Comedy Sets in One Night

aaron berg Erin Glass

Written By Cate Misczuk

aaron berg

Photo taken by David Genik

New York Comedian Aaron Berg performed 25 sets on September 12 — two more than his goal, and nearly twice the amount of the previous record. Back in 2003 Steve Byrne set the record at 13, as famously portrayed in the film 13 or Bust. Now Berg is set to release his own documentary on his voyage to the record book, all while paying homage to the New York City comedy scene.

The stunt took 11 hours — and involved Berg shuffling between clubs, navigating traffic to make it there on time, and oh ya — he was being followed by a documentary crew of more than a dozen. And did we mention he wasn’t working with material? Yep, Berg didn’t repeat a single joke the entire night — and successfully warmed up crowds from a handful, to over a hundred in less than 10 minute sets. read more

Comedy Shows in NYC Listings for Oct. 15

comedy shows in nyc

comedy shows in nyc

For up to date information about stand up comedy, comedy news and to find Comedy Shows in New York City.

Looking to see stand up comedy in New York City. Best Comedy Tickets has you connected. Easily find and buy tickets to the best New York Comedy Shows here

October 15, 2015

Comic Strip Live

(1568 Second Avenue, off 81st; Upper East Side club with typically solid lineups; 2-drink min.) Comic Strip Live Lineup: Kyle Ocasio  Buy Comedy Tickets 

Dangerfield’s Comedy Club

(1118 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065; Upper East Side club with typically solid lineups; 2-drink min.) Dangerfield’s Comedy Club Lineup: Rich Redding, Mike Gaffney, Kyle Grooms, Warren Holstein, JJ Ramirez and Joe Lufrano Buy Comedy Tickets  read more

Tracy Morgan Returns to The Comedy Cellar & The Stand NYC

Written By Joseph Santiago

It is an absolute pleasure and an honor to welcome back the great Tracy Morgan! @realtracymorgan

It is an absolute pleasure and an honor to welcome back the great Tracy Morgan! @realtracymorgan

Tracy Morgan Is Back! He Does Stand-Up Comedy for First Time at Comedy Cellar & The Stand NYC

The Stand up Comedian Tracy Morgan has made his return to the New York Comedy stages, after nearly 16 month hiatus after the traffic auto accident that put him in a coma that had him fighting for his life.

Tracy Morgan share a twitter post of his epic return to stand up comedy at the Comedy Cellar, Which is in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City. Morgan shared a picture on twitter with some of his fans Monday night at his show at the Comedy Cellar.

“My first time on stage in 16 months at the #ComedyCellar!” read more