Funniest Moments from the 2016 Oscars

by James Lang

More than 34 million people tuned-in to watch the Oscars this year. While that might sound like a lot, unfortunately it’s an eight year low for one of Hollywood’s most revered franchises. Don’t worry though, if you were one of the people tuned out this year, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a couple of the funniest moments from this year’s Oscars (a.k.a. The White People’s Choice Awards).

Chris Rock’s Killer Monologue

Wow, Chris Rock nailed his duties as host of this year’s Oscars. He was both edgy and hilarious, while still seriously acknowledging the concerns of organizations like “Black Lives Matter”; multiple minority celebrities and organizations decried the fact that this year’s Oscars neglected to include a single black actor or actress among their nominees. Chris Rock’s initial tweet after the nominations were announced, and his monologue perfectly held Hollywood’s feet to the fire while giving the television audience more than a few laughs at the expense of the celebrities seated around the stage. read more

Tracy Morgan New Footlocker Ads Are Funny



The comedian Tracy Morgan is now starring in two new Foot Locker Commercials to promote Week of Greatness. The last couple of years the brand Foot Locker has tapped some of the biggest sports stars to promote it’s Week of Greatness ads with a flare of comedy.  Manny Paquiao, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Derrick Rose and Tim Duncan, among others athletes have been featured in the Week of Greatness Commercials, However Foot locker decided to go a different route and get a real life comedian to bring in the laughs. read more

Ardie Fuqua First Show Back in Over a Year and a Half at Comedy Cellar

ardie fuqua

Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

ardie fuqua

It’s really fastastic to see these two great comedians Tracy Morgan and Ardie Fuqua making a return to the stand up comedy club scene here in New York City. Recently Ardie Fuqua made his epic return and he killed it at Comedy Cellar. The legendary NYC Comic was in a horrific car accident that almost took his life alongside with Tracy Morgan. They were coming back on the from a comedy show in Delaware, as there limo was struck by 18 wheeler truck that smashed into there vehicle on the New Jersey Turnpike. read more

Tracy Morgan plans comeback comedy tour

tracy morgan

Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

Tracy Morgan just his return to stand up comedy with four month tour around America. The “Picking Up The Piece comedy tour will start February 2016 and there will be more dates coming as details unfold.

Morgan  made his return to the comedy stages performing at local comedy clubs in NYC. He seen making surprise sets The Comedy Cellar and The Stand NYC. He recently went back to his old stomping grounds and hosted Saturday Night Live.

The “Tracy Morgan: Picking Up the Pieces” tour is set to begin Feb. 5 at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, it was announced earlier today.

Morgan was in a coma for more then two weeks following a June 2014 auto accident, when a 18wheeler Walmart truck slammed into the comedians limousine carrying fellow comedians Ardie Fuqua, Harris Stanton. “Jimmy Mack” was killed in the car crash. read more

Tracy Morgan: ‘I’m now 100% Ebola-free!’

tracy morgan

Tracy Morgan has a new SNL promos. and says “I feel good,” “Doctor said I’m now 100% Ebola-free,” the comic explains.

Yep, Tracy Morgan’s Is back! He bringing the funny to Saturday Night Live this weekend.

After almost losing his life and enduring a traumatic brain injury in a 2014 car accident. While coming back from a comedy show in Delaware. He was in a limo with fellow comedians Ardie Fuqua and Harris Stanton injured, “Jimmy Mack” killed in fatal car accident on New Jersey Turnpike. read more

Tracy Morgan Returns to The Comedy Cellar & The Stand NYC

Written By Joseph Santiago

It is an absolute pleasure and an honor to welcome back the great Tracy Morgan! @realtracymorgan

It is an absolute pleasure and an honor to welcome back the great Tracy Morgan! @realtracymorgan

Tracy Morgan Is Back! He Does Stand-Up Comedy for First Time at Comedy Cellar & The Stand NYC

The Stand up Comedian Tracy Morgan has made his return to the New York Comedy stages, after nearly 16 month hiatus after the traffic auto accident that put him in a coma that had him fighting for his life.

Tracy Morgan share a twitter post of his epic return to stand up comedy at the Comedy Cellar, Which is in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City. Morgan shared a picture on twitter with some of his fans Monday night at his show at the Comedy Cellar.

“My first time on stage in 16 months at the #ComedyCellar!” read more

Tracy Morgan to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Since Car Accident


Written by Joseph Santiago I August 17, 2015

Tracy will be making his comeback in a return to his old stomping grounds. He will be host “Saturday Night Live”. It’s been more then 1 year after Tracy Morgan was injured in car accident with a Walmart Truck. In his first performance since the devastating accident that left Tracy Morgan In Critical Condition. NBC commented Monday August 17th, 2015 that Mr. Morgan a former “Saturday Night Live” Alumni is appointed to host “SNL”. This upcoming show will be Oct 17. Tracy Morgan recently said in an interview on the NBC’s “Today” Show this past June he hopes to return to the comedy stages when he ready and able, adding “When I’m there, you’ll know it. I’ll get back to making you laugh. I promise you.” read more

Tracy Morgan hits back at Walmart


By Best Comedy Tickets Staff

Tracy Morgan is vocal against Walmart after the organization rebuked him for his wounds in an auto collision including the comedian’s limo transport and a Walmart truck earlier this year.

In court papers on Monday, Walmart guaranteed that Morgan’s wounds were “created, in entire or to some degree, by offended parties’ disappointment to legitimately wear a proper accessible seat belt restriction.”

Morgan has reacted, setting the fault completely on the Walmart organization. read more