Amy Schumer Loves Getting Picked-Up

Comedy Central has renewed Amy Schumer’s hit TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, for a fifth season in a row. This is exciting news for fans of Amy’s work and serves as the perfect start to a new year, after a 2015 that was so full of wins for the comedian from New York City.

Last year Schumer enjoyed critical acclaim for her movie Trainwreck, HBO’s Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo and the fourth season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.

What Schumer has proved is that modern television isn’t about getting the highest ratings. It’s about who can become the most viral online. Jimmy Fallon rocketed the ratings of The Late Show by focusing on cleverly curated skits that could be uploaded later to YouTube. Schumer is clearly reading from the same playbook. read more

How Amy Schumer Became Comedy Royalty

amy schumer royalty

Written by  Cate Misczuk: How Amy Schumer Became Comedy Royalty

How Amy Schumer Went From Comedian To Movie Star

Amy Schumer has gone from a New York stand up comic to a household name in just a few short years. The Trainwreck star seemingly stepped into TV and movie stardom overnight, but her rise to fame hit actually hit few key milestones that have shaped her career.

Here’s the 3 moves that catapulted Schumer to comedy royalty … young comedians, take note.

She Filled A Niche

Amy Schumer is the voice of the modern 21st century woman. She is a feminist, brutally honest, and constantly pushing the boundaries with her social commentary. It’s the type of voice many American women were looking for, and has helped propel her popularity. read more

Amy Schumer Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight

Amy Schumer SNL

Written by Joseph Santiago

Amy Schumer & The Weeknd's SNL

Amy Schumer is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest the Weeknd

The American stand up comedian, actress, and producer Amy Schumer is hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday night. This will be Amy first time hosting SNL. This has been a huge year for Schumer winning Emmy Award for sketch show on Comedy Central. It’s been one big accomplishment after another accomplishment. She wrote and starred in her first movie, Trainwreck, hosting TV award shows, touring the world with her comedy shows, and she recently taped a new hour comedy special and is opening for Madonna in Madison Square Garden (MSG) read more

Bridget Everett Blows Away Joe’s Pub in NYC

Bridget Everett Joe's Pub

Bridget Everett Joe's Pub

If there’s one comedian who is taking the world by storm now, that  would be none other than Bridget Everett herself. With her special  feature in the Vogue Magazine, festival crowds all over the country  that clamors for her presence, an appearance in the forthcoming  film Trainwreck and Amy Schumer declaring at the end of her best  and biggest season of Inside Amy Schumer that Everett is her  favorite performer, this comedy superstar is bound to see the best  of the best of her career yet. read more

Amy Schumer Wears Princess Leia’s Bikini On GQ Cover


Amy Schumer is on the cover GQ’s Magazine as the cover girl posing with C-3PO.

The  female stand up comedian and star of the upcoming movie Trainwreck is dressed up in “Star Wars” Leia bikini and can be seen on the cover deep throating C-3PO finger. Inside the Magazine you’ll notice Amy Schumer laying in the the bed with both droids C-3PO and R2-D2. As C-3PO lights her cigarette and she pushes R2-D2 buttons.

GQ recently announced Amy Schumer is “The Funniest Woman in the Galaxy”. We wish that we could share more of the article from the GQ men’s magazine. They only sent these StarWars theme pics. In the press release, which features Amy Schumer getting hot & dirty with the famed Star Wars droids C-3PO on the Cover of the Men’s Magazine. read more

Writer from Washington Post Who Called Amy Schumer a Racist Never Saw Her TV Show

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

One of the most venerable  guardians of free speech in  the nation, The  Washington Post, took a  step to a surprising  direction after it published  an article by David  Leonard and Dr. Stacy  Patton, calling the  comedian Amy Schumer a racist.

The article tried to linking the comedy of Schumer to the politics of Donald Trump, accusing Schumer of the use of dehumanizing languages, which gives life to an ecosystem of racial violence and fear. Also, the article accused the comedian of suggesting that the Mexicans or other men of color are actually born as natural rapists. It also added that while churches are being burned, the black families bury their dead, death threats are sent to black women pastors in churches and KKK plans rallies in South Carolina, all that Schumer does is play with race, with the laughter coming from white people alone. read more