Funniest Moments from the 2016 Oscars

by James Lang

More than 34 million people tuned-in to watch the Oscars this year. While that might sound like a lot, unfortunately it’s an eight year low for one of Hollywood’s most revered franchises. Don’t worry though, if you were one of the people tuned out this year, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a couple of the funniest moments from this year’s Oscars (a.k.a. The White People’s Choice Awards).

Chris Rock’s Killer Monologue

Wow, Chris Rock nailed his duties as host of this year’s Oscars. He was both edgy and hilarious, while still seriously acknowledging the concerns of organizations like “Black Lives Matter”; multiple minority celebrities and organizations decried the fact that this year’s Oscars neglected to include a single black actor or actress among their nominees. Chris Rock’s initial tweet after the nominations were announced, and his monologue perfectly held Hollywood’s feet to the fire while giving the television audience more than a few laughs at the expense of the celebrities seated around the stage. read more

Chris Rock to host and defines The Oscars with one Tweet.

You’d think that as the host of the upcoming Academy Awards, Chris Rock would want to help promote the awards show and highlight his upcoming monologue. Instead, Chris Rock is making a questionable move for a host of a show; he’s throwing rocks in a glass house.

With a recent tweet, Chris Rock drew attention to the lack of diversity in the Academy’s nominations of Oscar contenders. In Thursday’s release of the actors and actresses nominated for the acting category of the show, there was something noticeably missing from the list of contenders: minority performers. read more

NYC vs. LA: Moving for Your Comedy Career?

Are you looking for ways to chase your dream of becoming a professional comedy stand-up comic? Do you see yourself as the next Louis C.K. or Kevin Hart? Wow, if you answered yes, you definitely don’t lack ambition. But, maybe we can help you figure out some options for your next move.

Priyanka Mattoo

I was reading a fantastic article by Priyanka Mattoo on SplitSider and it inspired me to build off her points and maybe even take this blog article in a slightly different direction. Who’s Priyank Mattoo? How dare you! Well, I guess there’s no such thing as a bad question, but we’ll probably have to get you up to speed pretty quickly if you want to avoid embarrassing yourself in the future. read more

Amy Schumer Loves Getting Picked-Up

Comedy Central has renewed Amy Schumer’s hit TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, for a fifth season in a row. This is exciting news for fans of Amy’s work and serves as the perfect start to a new year, after a 2015 that was so full of wins for the comedian from New York City.

Last year Schumer enjoyed critical acclaim for her movie Trainwreck, HBO’s Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo and the fourth season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.

What Schumer has proved is that modern television isn’t about getting the highest ratings. It’s about who can become the most viral online. Jimmy Fallon rocketed the ratings of The Late Show by focusing on cleverly curated skits that could be uploaded later to YouTube. Schumer is clearly reading from the same playbook. read more

Chris Rock Will Return To Hosting the Oscars After 11 years

Chris Rock

Written by Gary Miller

Chris Rock

Chris Rock during the Hollywood Film Awards in 2014. Credit Danny Moloshok/Reuters

After an eleven year absence, Chris Rock is returning to host the Oscars. The directors of the 2016 Academy Awards Reginald Hudlin and David Hill announced it officially and Chris Rock cemented it on his twitter account. The last time Chris Rock hosted in 2005 ratings drew in 42.2 million. The hosting of the Academy Awards is seen as one of the toughest entertainment gigs to land as it has been prone to criticism in years past. Chris Rock is no stranger to this as his joke about Jude Law drew criticism, read more

Eddie Murphy Roast Bill Cosby during his Mark Twain Prize

eddie murphy

Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

Eddie Murphy received the Mark Twain Prize for “American Humor” Murphy Roast disgraced comedian Bill Cosby during his Mark Twain Prize, Which Cosby won back in 2009

Eddie Murphy

The Washington Post/Getty Images

A starstudded lineup of comedians including Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Kathy Griffin and Arsenio Hall to name just a few. These comedians were there to honored and show their respect for Eddie Murphy as an “American icon.”

Eddie Murphy hasn’t done stand up comedy routine since 1987. While Mr. Murphy was being awarded the Mark Twain prize for “American Humor”.  It’s the nations top prize for humor  As a comedic legend he step back to the stage and shook off the comedic rust and got back into make people laugh. His first jokes were completely unexpected: He roasted Dr Huxtable aka the disgraced comedian Bill Cosby. read more

Why Stand-up Comedians Love the Mets


Written by Grant Reed

From Chris Rock to Adam Sandler, the second fiddle of New York baseball could fill a dugout with A-List comics—ones who love to embrace suffering


The 2015 MLB playoff-bound New York Mets may see some A-list comics in the stands during their games against the Los Angeles Dodgers. From Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock to Jon Stewart, here’s why comedians love the Mets.

Mets Win! – or something phenomenal like that …This Friday the mets will face the L.A. dodgers in a rare event, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the unlikely union of planet niburu smashing into pre-earth to create what we have now, or the parting of the red sea.  Ok so maybe it hasn’t been that long since they’ve seen a penant  – only 15 years… And certainly a little bit of a wait since the series win.    However, that’s what its all about; existence in the face of seeming randomness and futility.  But fans aren’t going home just yet, and actually would probably prefer to stay at the ball park. read more

Jim Norton Counted Down the Top 50 Stand Up Comedians

comedy greats


Cate Misczuk I August 15, 2015

comedy greats

Sirius XM launched their new station, Comedy Greats on Thursday by paying tribute to the comedians who didn’t make the top 50 countdown cut. Inaugural hosts and legends, Jim Norton, Sherrod Small and Dan Soder debuted the show with more of a discussion on comedy — nixing a countdown all together and playing clips from some greats who just didn’t grab a top spot.

Nortons countdown takeover was just the first of many that will air on the 27/7 comedy station. This time the live audience chimed in, and even suggested clips for the show, showcasing comedians like John Mulaney, Brian Regan, Lisa Lampanelli, Pat Cooper and Ralphie May. read more

Chris Rock Monologue – Saturday Night Live

Chris Rock Tickets

Today, Chris Rock was determined to remind individuals that he’s a fearless comic, and not a lot of people who view his SNL monologue aren’t content about it. Amid his Saturday Night Live monologe, Rock’s set included bits on the Boston Marathon bombings and 9/11.

“That was probably the most frightening, sadistic terrorist attack ever,” Rock said in his opening. “Their knees are hurting, their feet are killing them…You’ve been training for a year, you finally get to the finish line and someone shouts: ‘Run!'” read more