Charlie Barnett’s Impact on The World of Comedy Maybe The Most Tragic

Written by Joseph Santiago

charlie barnett

Charlie Barnett’s impact on the world of comedy may be one of the most tragically underreported stories in the comedy industry. He was a selfless comic who gave everything he could to his audiences. He developed a following of struggling performers and artists who tapped into his energy, creativity, and natural delivery. Although Charlie tragically passed away on March 16, 1996, his impact on some of comedy’s greats is still the subject of great discussions.

Early Life

Like many comedians who make their name performing the comedy circuits in New York City, Charlie was born and grew up far away from the big apple’s skyline. He traced his humble roots to a small West Virginia town, called Bluefield. With a population of just 10,000 people, Bluefield could only serve as a starting point for this future legend of both comedy and the silver screen. read more

John Mulaney and Jake Gyllenhaal Make Jokes about Coronavirus on SNL

John Mulaney hosted “Saturday Night Live” this week.


John Mulaney and Jake Gyllenhaal Make Jokes about Coronavirus on SNL Written by Joseph Santiago

March 1, 2020

Like a routine, John Mulaney’s annual appearance on “Saturday Night Live” is becoming one of the show’s most enjoyable traditions.

Over the weekend, he hosted the show for the third time in three seasons.

Mulaney, who was an “S.N.L.” writer is now a stand-up star with ubiquitous comic prowess. He has the ability to make cast members feel less stiff and drop their goofiest material. read more

Michael Che Grew Up in NYC Projects. Now He is Trying to Assist Them.

Michael Che comedy cellar


Michael Che comedy cellarSaturday Night Live cast member Michael Che has decided to weigh in on New York City’s public housing crisis by coordinating a comedy benefit show this Friday, where he’ll play Michelle Wolf and a”secret lineup of comics.” The 35-year-old comic, who went from selling his own T-shirt designs on the street to instructing himself stand-up humor, frequently jokes about gentrification, racism, and other issues plaguing the city.

Che grew up in the New York’s public housing system on the lower east side of Manhattan, where he passed time in places such as the Alfred Smith Houses, which had some of the highest crime rates in the 80s. Decades of overlooked deterioration in public housing has piled up into an estimated $32 billion in repairs, and the town is facing the possibility of a federal government takeover at the end of the month.

The proceeds from Che’s show and also an allied online fundraiser (which raised over $23,000) are going into the Fund for Public Housing non-profit, which supplies services for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) inhabitants. The town’s 600,000 NYCHA residents frequently lose heat and warm water in winter. And as the online fundraiser points out,”this year 35k inhabitants are that amount is forecast to go up” It could be herculean for the event to truly make a dent in the city’s enormous repair wants, but it’s provided an opportunity to shed light on the conditions that officials are trying to address.

In a New York Times interview on Wednesday, Che opened up about what public home was similar to when he was a kid. “You go without heat. You go without food. You go without doorknobs. You go without everything,” he explained. “Elevators don’t work. There were oil and grease within the lifts to keep graffiti off, but then you couldn’t touch the wall” He added,”My whole family’s from public housing, so you believe all elevators smell like pee. You merely think that’s the way it is.” Some of Che’s family members still reside in public housing today.

He also touched on how much worse it had been in the 80s throughout the city’s crack-cocaine epidemic. “You remember the people sleeping out. You recall the murders of men and women in their teens and 20s, individuals making tons of cash who weren’t making tons of cash the day before. It is a really familiar story.” From the Alfred Smith homes, the building’s own NYCHA manager told the Times in 1988 that taxpayers were”afraid to answer their apartment doors since they do not understand who is knocking.”

NYCHA home was not always that way though. As a stunning NYT photo essay laid out in July, it had been a selective desirable solution for middle-class households prior to the 1960s. But once constraints were eased to be inclusive and low-income minorities stuffed the jobs, they became linked to offense and lacked appropriate investment in the city. Now, Mayor De Blasio is hoping to negotiate a plan to fund NYCHA together with the U.S. lawyer’s office before their next court date on January 31 to avoid a HUD takeover. City Hall warned by enabling the federal government to take over in the Trump era, it might result in HUD downsizing public housing altogether.

“I want people who really want to be there and really help,” he said.

“It’s important to keep in mind how close we are, most New Yorkers, from needing public assistance and from demanding public housing,” he added. With a chilly winter underway, possibly the event and Che’s outspokenness will lead to more attention to the overlooked communities that are as much a part of the town’s identity as large institutions like SNL.

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Written by Joseph Santiago

What to Watch at the New York Comedy Festival

new york comedy festival


new york comedy festivalIt’s that time of year. The New York Comedy Festival 2015, has it’s yearly festival. The event starts starts this Tuesday and will be five straight days. It will feature stand up comedians from around the world. There will be over 200 comedians, including such comedy stars as Bill Burr, and Jon Stewart but also up-and-coming comedians at venues throughout New York City, according to the festival’s website.

Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian will be performing at the New York Comedy Festival. You’ll be able to watch the two comedians duke it out and play Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. This is only one of many amazing events at this year New York Comedy Festival.  The festival was founded in 2004, which is hosted by COmedy Central and the Huffington P ost, and they bring together world’s famous comedians for 5 straight days in New York City. The lineup this year starts November 10 – 15. They will feature some of the greatest comedians alive today, such as Bill Burr, Lewis Black, Margaret Cho, John Leguizamo, Hannibal Burress, Norm MacDonald and more.

Including Billy Crystal he will be speaking at  Town Hall in “A Conversation with Billy Crystal and David Steinberg” on November 12. In the discussion, Former SNL Alumnus Crystal will be in conversation with Director Steinberg *Seinfeld” and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Norm MacDonald will be performing stand up comedy at Caroline’s Comedy Club between November 12 to 15. His career is starting to take off again after being fired over a decade ago from SNL for making jokes about O.J. Simpson. read more

Donald Trump Hosted Saturday Night Live Gives Highest Ratings

donald trump

Larry David performs an impression on SNL playing Bernie Sanders. Latino activists say they will pay Larry David $5,000 for  heckling Donald Trump

donald trump


There was hundreds of protesters standing outside NBC Studios, where they tape SNL. It was a highly controversial night for Saturday Night Live giving Donald Trump the ability to host the show.

This was the real estate guru second time hosting popular sketch comedy show, earlier in the month Hiliary Clinton appeard on the show and had huge ratings.

This was a bit different just outside the studio stood hundreds of latinos that protested the show for giving Donald Trump the ability to be on the show.

The latino activists offered to pay $5,000 to any audience members, who yelled out Trump is a ‘racist during the tapping of the show. The show featured just one heckler and that was comedian Larry David who paid Bernie Sanders.

Deport Racism tweeted on Sunday #LarryDavid wins $5K “bounty” from for calling Trump RACIST on #SNL. Joke or not, it’s true

While Donald Trump was doing the opening monologue, Lary David screamed out  “You’re a racist,” then said he had heard that he could make $5,000 for heckling the host.

The Latino group and there team of supporters had been protesting Trump’s hosting Saturday Night Live, because of the controversial remarks he had made about Mexican’s that immigrate to United States. This was in June when he made the big announcement he would be running for president.

TheWrap commented that roughly five hundred people came to protest outside Rockefeller Center where Saturday Night Live is filmed. to protest Donald Trump.

Despite all the people who protest Donald Trump hosting the show. Donald Trump gives SNL its biggest ratings in years

Prior record was held by former basketball player Charles Barkley and Musical Guest Kelly Clarkson. That was aired January 7, 2012.

Trump was extremely confident he would remain on the show to help boost SNL’s numbers. “I get the best ratings,” he reportedly said when asked about the SNL gig.

The physical number of viewers to watch Trump on SNL will be available later in the week. Earlier in the season it was viewed by 6.3 million. It is expected that 10 million people watched Trump.

Trump is currently in the lead in the primary polls at the GOP.

Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor of Best Comedy Tickets

George Lopez Jokes Donald Trump’s SNL Gig

George Lopez


Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

George Lopez — There Are Enough Racists for Donald Trump to Win

The website Funny or Die recently worked with George Lopez in a sketch comedy on the controversial Donald Trump.

George Lopez is making another appearance on Funny or Die where he will be playing Donaldo Trumpez. A mexican version of Trump. Donald has been under attack with bold statements and remarks that all Hispanics are rapists and criminals.

The scene above Trumpez host a TV Show “Noche De Sabato En Vivo” – Which means “Saturday Night Live” in Spanish – He jokes with he crowd and guest, parodies and characters.

“Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall,” sings the Mariachi band in full swing. “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.” Trumpez quickly adds, “In the polls!”

Trumpet makes a speech in Spanish that says many of Trump’s controversial comments: Which talks about his female candidate as “ugly,” and that foreigners are to be rapist and they should build a wall between Mexico and the USA.

This was released one week before Donald Trump is set to host Saturday Night Live. The real estate mogul turned politician has been recently been called out by Hispanic groups that are trying to give Trump the boot from the show.

This isn’t the only time  the old late night host has talked against the GOP candidate. Recently this year, Lopez aired an anti-trump chant in Arizona while he was performing stand up comedy.

Many other well-known Hispanics have also stood up and made some publicly announcements against Donald Trump. The Director of “Birdman,” Alejandro González Iñárritu, former Mexican ambassador to the U.S. Arturo Sarukhán as well as actors Diego Luna and John Leguizamo.

John Leguizamo I Won’t Watch ‘SNL’ Because of Donald Trump’s Is A Racist


Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor Best Comedy Tickets


Courtesy of Yahoo News

“If he had said those things about any other ethnic group, he would not be on ‘SNL.'”

John Leguizamo is a Colombian–American actor, voice actor, producer, comedian, playwright and screenwriter. He recently spoke out about Donald Trump and his plans on hosting Saturday Night Live.  He stated if Donald Trump is hosting this show this weekend I will never watch the show again.

The Colombian born actor decided to move into the spotlight and talk about the controversial Donald Trump who is a Republican presidential candidate and sat down with Yahoo on Wednesday to talk about his new book, Ghetto Klown.

“If he had said those things about any other ethnic group, he would not be on SNL,” Leguizamo said. “I find it hurtful and insulting, and you’re celebrating someone who has said some horrible things. I just find it unacceptable. I will not watch.”

Trump remarks about the mexican people are derogatory. His speech was announced on June 16 and he mentioned that Mexican Immigrants: “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” — Leguizamo said, “I’m all for freedom of speech, this is different. … It is hate-mongering. I hope what I do in my work is not denigrating or belittling.

“His lack of sympathy and empathy is ridiculous,” the actor mentioned, he has met Trump several times in New York City. “He’s very friendly, very nice, but then he goes and says things like that. You’re catering to a small group of Tea Party voters, or you’re a moron. … He’s a different person on camera.”

He announced publicly that mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers.

Trump has recently talk down the criticism about his lack of “political correctness” on these statements. To that, Leguizamo responds, “What he says doesn’t even fall into the category of PC. It’s hate-mongering.”

John Leguizamo also talked about Trump’s criticism of Mexican immigrants has demonstrate into hate crimes against all Latino people.

Here’s more from the Yahoo News interview:

Tracy Morgan plans comeback comedy tour

tracy morgan


Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

Tracy Morgan just his return to stand up comedy with four month tour around America. The “Picking Up The Piece comedy tour will start February 2016 and there will be more dates coming as details unfold.

Morgan  made his return to the comedy stages performing at local comedy clubs in NYC. He seen making surprise sets The Comedy Cellar and The Stand NYC. He recently went back to his old stomping grounds and hosted Saturday Night Live.

The “Tracy Morgan: Picking Up the Pieces” tour is set to begin Feb. 5 at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, it was announced earlier today.

Morgan was in a coma for more then two weeks following a June 2014 auto accident, when a 18–wheeler Walmart truck slammed into the comedians limousine carrying fellow comedians Ardie Fuqua, Harris Stanton. “Jimmy Mack” was killed in the car crash.

Tracy Morgan plans comeback comedy tour

Tracy Morgan hosts “SNL” on Oct. 17. Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC via AP

As Morgan told his fans this morning on Twitter: “Heading back out on the road to bring the funny. Come see me: #pickingupthepieces”

Morgan hosted Saturday Night Live this past Saturday, then turned out Sunday in Washington, D.C., to pay tribute to Eddie Murphy for his acceptance of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Tracy Morgan “Picking Up The Pieces Tour”

Feb 5 Hammond, IN The Venue at Horseshoe Casino (Available 10/30)

Feb 6 Windsor, ON The Colosseum at Caesar’s Windsor (Available 10/30)

Feb 12 Atlantic City, NJ Harrah’s Atlantic City (Available 10/30)

Feb 13 Cherokee, NC Harrah’s Cherokee Event Center (Available 10/30)

Feb 19 Rutland, VT Paramount Theatre (Available 10/23)

Feb 20 Boston, MA Wilbur Theatre (Available 10/23)

Feb 26 Niagara Falls, NY Seneca Events Center in the Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel (Available 10/23)

Feb 27 Orillia, ON Casino Rama Entertainment Centre (Available 10/30)

March 4 Mt. Pleasant, MI Soaring Eagle Casino Resort (Available 12/29)

March 5 Baraboo, WI Ho-Chunk Casino

March 8 Verona, NY Turning Stone Resort Casino (Available 10/23)

March 11 Wilmington, DE Playhouse on Rodney Square (Available 10/23)

March 12 Huntington, NY The Paramount (Available 10/23)

March 13 Lakeville, PA Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts (Available 10/20)

March 19 Mashantucket, CT Grand Theater at Foxwoods (Available 10/23)

March 25 Norman, OK Riverwind Casino (Available 10/30)

March 26 Thackerville, OK Winstar World Casino & Resort (Available 10/23)

April 1 New York, NY Hot 97 April Fools Comedy Show – Theater at Madison Square Garden

April 2 Englewood, NJ Bergen Performing Arts Center (Available 10/23)

April 8 Kahului, HI Maui Arts & Cultural Center – Castle Theater (Available 10/30)

April 9 Honolulu, HI Blaisdell Concert Hall (Available 10/30)

April 15 Ridgefield, CT Ridgefield Playhouse

April 16 New Brunswick, NJ State Theatre (Available 10/23)

April 22 Washington, DC John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Available 10/30)

April 23 Reading, PA Santander Performing Arts Center (Available 10/23)

April 29 Robinsonville, MS Horseshoe Tunica – Bluesville (Available 10/30)

April 30 Atlanta, GA Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre (Available 10/30)

May 6 Las Vegas, NV Mirage Hotel & Casino

May 7 Las Vegas, NV Mirage Hotel & Casino

May 13 Vancouver, BC Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

May 14 Scottsdale, AZ Talking Stick Resort & Casino (Available 10/30)

May 20 Bossier City, LA Horseshoe Bossier City (Available 10/30)

May 21 Hollywood, FL Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena (Available 10/23)

May 28 Westhampton Beach, NY Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center

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Tracy Morgan: ‘I’m now 100% Ebola-free!’

tracy morgan

Tracy Morgan has a new SNL promos. and says “I feel good,” “Doctor said I’m now 100% Ebola-free,” the comic explains.

Yep, Tracy Morgan’s Is back! He bringing the funny to Saturday Night Live this weekend.

After almost losing his life and enduring a traumatic brain injury in a 2014 car accident. While coming back from a comedy show in Delaware. He was in a limo with fellow comedians Ardie Fuqua and Harris Stanton injured, “Jimmy Mack” killed in fatal car accident on New Jersey Turnpike.

Morgan looks to be getting back into his comedic self. In this promo he believe it’s an actual live show.  He’s can be seen flirting with musical guest star Demi Lovato. The 23 year old former disney star turned pop star.

The comedian is hosting SNL this weekend with musical guest Lovato.

ICYMI, here are more promos for his hosting gig:

Khloe Kardashian Appears Slam Amy Schumer For ‘SNL’ Monologue

amy schumer khloe snl


Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

Amy Schumer Monologue – SNL

Amy Schumer talks about wanting better role models for young girls than the Kardashians and the time she thought she was dating Bradley Cooper.

Amy Schumer was hosting “Saturday Night Live” last saturday, and it appears Khloe Kardashian wasn’t too happy with the stand up comedian’s opening monologue. Schumer made the Kardashian’s the butt of quite a few mocking jokes:

“We have to be a role model for these little girls, because who do they have?” said Schumer. “All they have, literally, is the Kardashians.”

The comic  then made fun at Khloe’s weight, in general.

“And like, we used to have Khloe. Khloe was ours, right?” said Schumer, in reference to Khloe’s 35-pound weight loss. “But then Khloe, she’s lost half her body weight. Like Khloe, she lost a Kendall, and we have nothing.”

It definitely materialized and got back to Khloe, as she later tweeted out to Amy Schumer:

khloe kardashian snl

Khloe has been honest about her weight loss, detailing it all publicly on Instagram and talking about it recently in the media.

“I’ve lost like, 35 pounds. I don’t really weigh myself … but I know how I want to feel in clothes and it does become addicting once you start losing weight and seeing results. I want to see more,” said Khloe on the Australian radio show, “Fitzy & Wippa.”

The Kardasian has revealed her hard work has paid off in a recent Complex magazine photo shoot earlier in the year. Khloe Instagram some unretouched photo from that shoot, which she dedicated to “the troll haters out there.”

khloe kardasian