Interview Comedian Angela Cobb at The Broadway Comedy Club in Times Square

Angela Cobb Headshot

Angela Cobb Headshot

I decided to see a comedy show in NYC.  We went to a show a show at the Broadway Comedy Club at the 9 PM show on a Friday. The energy in the room was filled with people from around the world. It was prime time the crowd was completely sold comedy show.

I’ve been living in the Netherlands for the past 4 years and was feeling a bit homesick and needed some comedy in my life. After the show, I sat down with Angela Cobb and we discuss all things comedy in the Big Apple.

1. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy? read more

Interview : Liz Miele Stand Up Comedian at The New York Comedy Club

Liz Miele New York Comedy Club
Recently we had a chance to interview one of our favorite comedians Liz Miele at the New York Comedy Club, an amazing stand-up comedian as she shared his journey with us. Liz Miele New York Comedy Club 1. What other jobs did you do before starting stand up comedy? I started stand-up @ 16 so not much. I worked as a receptionist at my parents animal hospital for years. Was a waitress, a temp at a million places and my last day job I babysat part-time. 2. How did you know you wanted to be a comedian? Nothing else made me nearly as happy and it was the only thing I work hard on and cared about. I thought I was lazy before stand-up but I just didn’t care about anything as much. 3. If you weren’t doing comedy, what would you be doing? At this point, I now see what other skills and passions I have. I think marketing or management. I’m stupidly organized and I like creative problem-solving. Or be homeless.

4. Where are some of your favorite places to perform?

My favorite place ever was The Stand in Glasgow. I LOVE Top Secret Comedy Club in London. New York Comedy Club and The Comedy Cellar are my fav in NYC and love DC Improv in Washington, DC.

5. Who are some of your favorite up-and-comers in the comedy world? read more

Reasons to Love The Comedy Cellar in NYC

Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar

The Comedy Cellar is consider the mecca of stand up comedy in NYC. Everyone needs a good laugh. New Yorkers are lucky enough to have an endless variety of comedy clubs both inside and just outside the Big Apple. One of the reigning legends in New York Comedy is The Comedy Cellar. From celebrity-studded birthday bashes to rare appearances from retiring television hosts, The Comedy Cellar is a must-see destination for tourists and locals new to the city!

That moment where Jon Stewart got his stand-up on… read more

The 7 Best Places To See Stand Up Comedy in NYC



New York City is the greatest city in the world for stand up comedy, When it comes to stand up comedy clubs in NYC it’s the best of the best and nothing compares. The biggest comedians make New York  home from anyone to Chris Rock to Louis CK to Jerry Seinfeld. They make unannounced guest spots daily, here is our list of favorite comedy clubs.

The Stand NYC

The Stand NYC

When people think of the best comedy shows in NYC, they think of The  Stand NYC. Located in the Gramercy area of NYC and voted “Best Comedy  Club in NYC” by the New York Magazine and “Best New Venue” by Time Out  New York, The Stand NYC has some of the highest quality comedy in all of  New York. This newish comedy club has already reached legendary status here in  NYC. The Stand NYC comedy club often features some of the biggest names in  comedy including Louis CK, Dane Cook, Artie Lange, Bill Burr, Colin Quinn,  Gilbert Gottfried, Janeane Garofalo, Nick DiPaolo and many more! Get tickets read more

Record-breaker Aaron Berg Most Comedy Sets in One Night

aaron berg Erin Glass

Written By Cate Misczuk

aaron berg

Photo taken by David Genik

New York Comedian Aaron Berg performed 25 sets on September 12 — two more than his goal, and nearly twice the amount of the previous record. Back in 2003 Steve Byrne set the record at 13, as famously portrayed in the film 13 or Bust. Now Berg is set to release his own documentary on his voyage to the record book, all while paying homage to the New York City comedy scene.

The stunt took 11 hours — and involved Berg shuffling between clubs, navigating traffic to make it there on time, and oh ya — he was being followed by a documentary crew of more than a dozen. And did we mention he wasn’t working with material? Yep, Berg didn’t repeat a single joke the entire night — and successfully warmed up crowds from a handful, to over a hundred in less than 10 minute sets. read more

Comedy Shows in NYC Listings for Oct. 15

comedy shows in nyc

comedy shows in nyc

For up to date information about stand up comedy, comedy news and to find Comedy Shows in New York City.

Looking to see stand up comedy in New York City. Best Comedy Tickets has you connected. Easily find and buy tickets to the best New York Comedy Shows here

October 15, 2015

Comic Strip Live

(1568 Second Avenue, off 81st; Upper East Side club with typically solid lineups; 2-drink min.) Comic Strip Live Lineup: Kyle Ocasio  Buy Comedy Tickets 

Dangerfield’s Comedy Club

(1118 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065; Upper East Side club with typically solid lineups; 2-drink min.) Dangerfield’s Comedy Club Lineup: Rich Redding, Mike Gaffney, Kyle Grooms, Warren Holstein, JJ Ramirez and Joe Lufrano Buy Comedy Tickets  read more

Tracy Morgan Returns to The Comedy Cellar & The Stand NYC

Written By Joseph Santiago

It is an absolute pleasure and an honor to welcome back the great Tracy Morgan! @realtracymorgan

It is an absolute pleasure and an honor to welcome back the great Tracy Morgan! @realtracymorgan

Tracy Morgan Is Back! He Does Stand-Up Comedy for First Time at Comedy Cellar & The Stand NYC

The Stand up Comedian Tracy Morgan has made his return to the New York Comedy stages, after nearly 16 month hiatus after the traffic auto accident that put him in a coma that had him fighting for his life.

Tracy Morgan share a twitter post of his epic return to stand up comedy at the Comedy Cellar, Which is in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City. Morgan shared a picture on twitter with some of his fans Monday night at his show at the Comedy Cellar.

“My first time on stage in 16 months at the #ComedyCellar!” read more

Top Comedy Shows in NYC for Friday 10/9/15

comedy clubs nyc

Looking to see a comedy shows in NYC tonight ?

Comedy Shows in NYC: Your essential guide Find out about recently announced stand up comedy in New York City.

Click here for up to date schedules to the best comedy shows in Manhattan.

The most up to date comedy schedule in the New York City area.

Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress. Photo: Mindy Tucker

October 9, 2015

Our pick of the best comedy shows in NYC tonight

Click the link to find the comedy club schedule and easily buy tickets.

Stand UP NY – 7pm 236 West 78th Street, New York, NY 10024


New York Comedy Club – 7pm 241 E 24th St, New York, NY 10010, read more

NYC Comedy Club Owner Al Martin Interview


Written by Josh Rosen I September 16, 2015
al-martinNew York City is the mecca of stand-up comedy. If you want to be a successful comedian, the city offers endless opportunities to get on stage night after night. The clubs in the city are legendary, and all of the top comedians have performed at them. No one knows this better than Al Martin, owner and booker of Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club, two of the best venues in the city. I had the honor to pick the brain of Mr. Martin to learn about the ins and outs of the club business, and how it works within such a vibrant community. read more

Joe Gerics Interview

free stand up comedy festival nyc

free stand up comedy festival nycI sat down with my good friend and comedian/producer Joe Gerics. Joe is the producer of many Standup comedy shows around NYC and recently just started co-producing the Free Stand up Comedy Festival starting this Saturday September 5th. See link below for schedule and details.
We met up just before his show Country Time at the New York Comedy Club.

So When does the festival start?

The festival is starting Saturday, the kick off show is here at New York Comedy Club at 5pm and we’re gonna have 2 shows every night.  So 14 shows; one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn and Queens every night. We started it for a couple reasons, same reason I started producing. Really just stage time and to immerse myself more within the comedy community. I wanted to be on a festival, so i thought, weIl I’ll just run my own festival. Thats always been my plan, you have to create your own stage and your own opportunity. read more