Jerry Seinfeld Takes on Obesity in America

You gotta love Jerry Seinfeld. Not only did he make an incredible, award winning TV sit-com, Seinfeld, but he keeps on chugging in the world of stand-up. Bailing out Stephen Colbert’s dismal ratings on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Seinfeld took to the stage to do an epic monologue on virtually anything and everything happening in America today.

He took on the movement to fight for emergency weight-loss measures in the United States by asking “Do we really have an obesity problem in this country?” He posits that until we’re all smooshed together, coast to coast, like a jar of olives screaming for our own space, we really aren’t facing a national emergency. read more

A Spotlight on Comedian Kevin Bartini

A warm audience is an important aspect of any comedy show. Having an opener for any type of performance is commonplace and encourages the audience to participate and build up energy. In comedy, a a warm audience means a crowd that is ready to laugh, they are open, and in a club setting more often than not a little bit drunk. When a televised show is filmed before a live audience a warm up comic is generally used to facilitate the necessity for a warm crowd. The warm up comic is the unsung hero of a great audience ready for a TV taping. The comic is usually not noticed by a larger audience, but appreciated in the entertainment industry greatly. Their job is to make the crowd feel like an integral part of the show, usually working alone and at times explaining parts of the show. read more

The List Of Highest-Paid Comedians In 2015

jerry seinfeld

Written by Joseph Santiago

jerry seinfeld

The List has never included a single female comedian.

Year after year makes a list of the world’s highest paid stand up comedians. And although our love and devotion towards funny female comedians, the list never features a female comedian.

Jerry Seinfeld — current net worth an estimated $820 million in 2014 — He tops this 2015 highest paid comedian list, having earned $36 million between June 1, 2014 and June 1, 2015. Kevin Hart comes in second place with $28.5 million, followed by Terry Fator, who earned estimate $21.5 million. read more

8 of the Best Stand Up Comedy Tips Ever

best comedian tips

Written by James Lang

Stand Up Comedy Tips From the Best in the Business, Giving You the Tricks of the Trade So You Can Master the Journey!

Why are you here? No, it’s not a trick question. Improving your stand up game is important if you have dreams of making it big, so why are you reading this right now? Why are you pursuing stand up? If your answer isn’t: “I’m reading this because I love comedy, I love making people laugh and I would do it no matter how successful I am.”, then you’re on the right track. If you’re looking for a get-famous-quick career, then a career in comedy is most certainly not for you. read more

Why Stand-up Comedians Love the Mets


Written by Grant Reed

From Chris Rock to Adam Sandler, the second fiddle of New York baseball could fill a dugout with A-List comics—ones who love to embrace suffering


The 2015 MLB playoff-bound New York Mets may see some A-list comics in the stands during their games against the Los Angeles Dodgers. From Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock to Jon Stewart, here’s why comedians love the Mets.

Mets Win! – or something phenomenal like that …This Friday the mets will face the L.A. dodgers in a rare event, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the unlikely union of planet niburu smashing into pre-earth to create what we have now, or the parting of the red sea.  Ok so maybe it hasn’t been that long since they’ve seen a penant  – only 15 years… And certainly a little bit of a wait since the series win.    However, that’s what its all about; existence in the face of seeming randomness and futility.  But fans aren’t going home just yet, and actually would probably prefer to stay at the ball park. read more


comedian vs heckler

Written by Cate Misczuk I August 17, 2015

“You wana know where I got my boots? They’re at the corner of: you can’t afford them and stop talking to me”. -Amy Schumer

Participation is zero percent of your grade at stand up shows. Heckling could even get you scolded, or the but of a new joke by the comedian themselves. But hecklers don’t just target the new guys, even the comedy greats have had to handle them — so put together a compilation of some of the best heckling reactions for our own amusement. read more