What to Watch at the New York Comedy Festival

new york comedy festival

new york comedy festivalIt’s that time of year. The New York Comedy Festival 2015, has it’s yearly festival. The event starts starts this Tuesday and will be five straight days. It will feature stand up comedians from around the world. There will be over 200 comedians, including such comedy stars as Bill Burr, and Jon Stewart but also up-and-coming comedians at venues throughout New York City, according to the festival’s website.

Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian will be performing at the New York Comedy Festival. You’ll be able to watch the two comedians duke it out and play Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. This is only one of many amazing events at this year New York Comedy Festival.  The festival was founded in 2004, which is hosted by COmedy Central and the Huffington P ost, and they bring together world’s famous comedians for 5 straight days in New York City. The lineup this year starts November 10 – 15. They will feature some of the greatest comedians alive today, such as Bill Burr, Lewis Black, Margaret Cho, John Leguizamo, Hannibal Burress, Norm MacDonald and more. read more

Trevor Noah has Emergency Surgery

Trevor Noah

Written by Joseph Santiago

Trevor Noah

The Daily Show will be airing rerun tonight. The host Trevor Noah will be in the hospital with an emergency appendectomy. The magazine Variety reported that the show should be back the following day.

The network Comedy Central made the announcement “Trevor Noah underwent an emergency appendectomy early this morning. We’re happy to report the procedure went well and he is currently recuperating from the surgery,” the statement said. “As a result, ‘The Daily Show’ will air an encore tonight. We expect he and the show will be back with an original episode tomorrow.” read more

Review: Trevor Noah at Dubai Comedy Festival

trevor noah

Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

trevor noah

Trevor Noah is currently one of the hardest working comedians in the stand up comedy world. He recently performed at the Dubai Comedy Festival in Sky Dive Dubai.

He recently took over the hot seat of former host Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. It’s a tough role to to handle as it’s a grueling schedule. He has to perform five nights per week. The South African comedian happens to maintain a very successful stand up career on the side, as he jet sets around the globe on the weekends to perform his stand up shows at these sold out comedy venues. We sat down and spoke with a well known source at the Dubai Comedy Festival. He said the talented 31 year old comedian just flew six hours before his schedule performance. read more

The New Daily Show: Trevor Noah Loved by America

Trevor Noah

Written By Joseph Santiago

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah, the new host of ‘The New Daily Show’ is loved by America; this was loudly and clearly shown through social media last night. The show was kicked off with lots of confidence, laughs, intelligence, and a smile that had the power to move a mountain. Noah promised to continue Jon Stewart’s bullshit war.

Using his own style and tone to showcase the segments and qualities of Stewart, Trevor Noah won the hearts of Americans with a performance that was almost flawless. He played to all groups by commenting on the Pope, immigration, comedy, the election, and touched on the smart crowd, non-sports fans, the millennial crowd, and fans of sports with many sly winks atop some self deprecating laughs for a good time. read more

Stephen Colbert Brings Jon Stewart to Tears in The Daily Show Farewell

Jon Stewart & Colbert

“All of us who were lucky enough to work with you for 16 years are better at our jobs because we got to watch you do yours,” former correspondent tells host

BY CATE MISCZUK I August 8, 2015

Jon Stewart & Colbert

Stephen Colbert ditched his alter ego, and funny guy routine, to wish fellow late night host Jon Stewart a heartfelt goodbye this week.

In his surprise appearance on the last episode of The Daily Show, Colbert did manage to make us laugh, kicking off the segment by comparing Stewart’s Daily Show journey to Colbert’s beloved Lord of the Rings: “Like Frodo, you are leaving us on a voyage to the undying lands … For 16 years, you and your basic cable fellowship of funny, clutched that ring of power and trudged up the steep slopes of mt. doom”. read more

Jon Stewart Returns to Stand-Up

jon stewart comedy cellar

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart, is set to hand over the reins to Trevor Noah on August 6. As his 16 years at the helm of Comedy Central’s primetime hit comes to a close, it’s clear that Jon is letting himself explore areas of his career that were largely ignored for some time.

This was the case when he visited The Comedy Cellar, a premier locale for NYC comedy fans, on Wednesday night. Accompanied to the club by Rory Albanese, current Producer of Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show, and former Producer of The Daily Show, Jon surprisingly made his way onto the stage for a 10 minute stand-up set. read more

Obama Says He Will Issue Executive Order for Jon Stewart to Continue Hosting Daily Show


By : Cate Misczuk



President Obama put his executive powers into use Tuesday — ordering Jon Stewart to continue his hosting duties on The Daily Show. Obama’s late night appearance was his seventh, and final visit to the New York studio.

The President kicked off his usual banter with Stewart saying he couldn’t believe the comedian was leaving before him. Stewart has just two weeks left as host of the satirical news program, Obama’s duties at the White House don’t wrap up for another 18 months. read more

Trevor Noah Borrows Russell Peter’s Underwear

Russell Peters & Trevor Noah

Russell PetersTwitter, Facebook and comedy fans around the world have talked about little else over the past 72 hours. Russell Peters, one of the kings of comedy in his own right, took an interview with NewsAsia and responded to the host’s repeated questions surrounding the recent decision by Comedy Central to bring Trevor Noah onboard as the host of The Daily Show.

Learn more about Comedy Central’s announcement here.

What did Russell Peter say exactly?

You can check out the video below, but here is exactly what was stated in response to the host pressing the point that Russell Peters was passed over for the position at The Daily Show: read more

Trevor Noah: A Wildcard Host for The Daily Show on Comedy Central

By James Lang April 1, 2015

trevor noah

Following Jon Stewart’s departure announcement on  February 10, 2015,  Comedy Central gave the official  word  on Monday (March 30, 2015) that  Trevor Noah  would be  taking over as host for The Daily Show. Jon  Stewart has  been credited with not only developing a  top-rated show  in a tough times a lot,  but creating the  category itself.  Sure, Saturday Night Live has done their  “Weekend  Update” for a number of years, but there hadn’t been a dedicated  satirical news show prior to Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show along with its sister program The Colbert Report. So, to say that Trevor Noah has some big shoes to fill would be an absolute understatement. read more